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    19:45, February 28, 2015

    Hello fellow DragonVale Wiki active staff members.

    The DragonVale Breeding Sandbox would like to become officially affiliated with the wiki.

    The following request was left on the main request forum:

    Robotron-2084 wrote:

    Hi, I represent the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox @

    For the purposes of this request, please contact me @ my DV Wiki Message Wall.

    The sandbox provides dynamic breeding help (what if? / how to?) with a goal of being fast, easy, accurate and up-to-date, with minimal noise. I don't always meet that goal 100%, and I've experienced burnout at times, but I've never wavered in my commitment to keep it going.

    Why affiliate? If I'm the sandbox's daddy, the Wiki is its mommy... unofficially I've always felt that way. Not making this request sooner was just an oversight on my part. They complement each other well, and their histories are intertwined...

    • sandbox v1 sprang from my initial visits to the Wiki (March 7, 2012)
    • sandbox only took off because Bane Cane posted it on the Wiki
    • that day or the next, I met Dunkelzahn on the Wiki, and the combo finder is inspired by and dedicated to his original app
    • sandbox images are adapted from the wonderful images posted on the Wiki; I couldn't keep up with it otherwise
    • CelticStar87 & TheWizardz786™ have created tutorials
    • many Wiki users have given useful feedback and helped shape what it is today
    • the Wiki has always been #1 under sandbox "Links" and I've always done my best to promote it (for example when answering emails from non-Wiki users)
    • dragon names on sandbox link to their respective pages on the Wiki


    Thank you for your consideration!

    If more than 50% of the active staff (administrators, wiki moderators, chat moderators, and rollbacks) participating in the forum agree to include the site, the site will be approved.

    This determination forum will remain open until the end of the day on February 27, 2015 (23:59:59 UTC).
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    • I support!

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    • I support the DragonVale Breeding sandbox becoming an affiliated site of DragonVale Wiki.

      The site is informational, and is related to the content that is on the DragonVale Wiki. The DragonVale sandbox has the same target audience, and I think the site holds the same standards as the DragonVale Wiki do. Lastly, the site is active, and it does not take long time before the site is updated with for example dragons or new breeding rules.

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    • Support!

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    • Hello, fellow staff members and anyone else in the community reading this.

      This counts as my research and evaluation to bring forth to the rest of the staff.

      I am in support of this affiliation for multiple reasons.

      As Robotron-2084 has mentioned, I had posted the link to the Breeding Sandbox in 2012 around the time I was first made aware of its existence.

      From the time I saw it I realized it had great potential to be an incredible resource for the community and other players of DragonVale.

      The link remains on the Main Page of the DragonVale Wiki to this very day.

      Users and staff link The Breeding Sandbox in comments to help users too, and the DragonVale Wiki is the first link in its "Link" section.

      The site is definitely informational, has had a symbiotic relationship with the wiki as Robo mentioned, and is well developed.

      Of course there may be some delays with accuracy when a new breeding rule overhaul like recently with The Gathering of Roses event making it possible for any dragon to breed another instead of just within its common elements or after an initial update.

      Often though I find the site is reliable and updated timely making it up-to-date, and any delay is definitely with complete understanding such as the overhaul for version two and version three which required more time to code things than a usual update.

      The site covers the 5 Rs (Reliable, Responsible, Refined, Recognized, and Resourceful) of which I explained some of already.

      It is a reliable and resourceful source to find what results from breeding two compatible dragons, as well as suggests breeding pairs for specific targets.

      It is responsible and refined with updating information, and recognized by the DragonVale Wiki and the community. I've even seen it linked on the DragonVale Facebook page along with posts to the wiki.

      The site is active and updates as frequently as new dragons are added to DragonVale, so although the guidelines say it should be updated at least once a week, sometimes dragons aren't released once a week.

      Given the nature and type of resource it is I find it acceptable for it to update as frequently as it currently does even if it isn't exactly once a week.

      From what I've seen it does not ask anyone to download any information, provide any spoilers, and provides language and content acceptable at "PG-13" and "PG" levels of rating.

      I look forward to making the affiliation and partnership with Robo and The DragonVale Breeding Sandbox official.

      To summarize, I am in full support of this affiliation.

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    • Definitely support this. The Sandbox has become a valuable resource for players who use the wiki and for those that don't. It was the Sandbox that led me to the wiki actually.

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    • I support this.

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    • I support this very much.

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    • Support

      Definitely support

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    • I ask a question.. who wouldn't support? The sandbox is probably the best way for me and many others to experiment with different combos and even find out what you bred if you don't know the time. I can also see how much work was put into it just by browsing for a few minutes. My conclusion - two thumbs way up.

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    • I am in full support. Personally, I feel almost as if the sandbox has been this wiki's "unofficial affiliate" for quite some time, and this goes both ways. Nice to see it's finally becoming official.

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    • I support, the Breeding Sandbox has always been a very helpful source of information. Glad to see that it's finally becoming an official affiliate of the wiki. 

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    • wait it wasnt already affiliated @.@


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    • We were always affiliated since March 2012, but it was never "officially" recognized, and we didn't go through the process of making it "officially recognized" until now.

      This was pretty much a guaranteed agreement, and I think about half of the active staff already posted supported so we just need to wait for the process to finish its course now.

      Anyone else wanting to voice support the next couple days can still do so too.

      I think we are at 7 staff supports right now. Feel free to correct me if I miscounted.

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    • Much more than 100% in support of this "official" affiliation! I couldn't play DV without the Sandbox. Well, I could, but I don't want to think about that.

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    • Support

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    • Support!

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    • 100% Support :)

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    • The Sandbox is a useful tool. Not perfect, but definitely useful. I support this.

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    • Excellent!  I support this as well.  

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    • Support.

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    • Absolutely support "mommy" and "daddy" linking up.

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    • Absolutely support!!

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    • The designated time frame for this decision is over.

      More than 50% of participating staff have expressed support for the official affiliation with The DragonVale Breeding Sandbox.

      10 out of 10 (100%) staff members (rollbacks, chat moderators, wiki moderators, and administrators) have voiced support.

      A message will be left for Robotron-2084 announcing the decision on his DV message wall as his requested.

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