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    • I will try to keep it simple and best described here. Sample at the bottom. Personally a minor change.

      This is something I was thinking of being forced to edit 2 pages to indicate a normal and twin dragon that it would be just 1 page and have it set up like the below image.

      If you have a twin it would indicate in the box to the right. The normal would be the box on the left. By doing this it would be easier to modify the page by indicating if you have the dragon within the yes no star stars crown crowns params and would show others that you have or dont have one or both of each dragon type. The code would go from (|Dragonname=no) to (|Dragon=no | =no) or something like that within the code and that way if they show that that have a normal dragon but no twin then they can change the first no to a yes or w/e they have that is shown by the default. Same if they have a twin where they can change the second no to something that would show they have it. 

      Notice idea

      Prospect of change for twin notification within the template(s)

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    • Would this be replacing our current twin checklists?

      Please note a lot of the twin images are missing.

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    • lot of the twin images are missing.

      Thats just one of the reasons but yes. It would make it to where you can indicate if you have a twin in the same page as if you have the normal version. You can still mark them yes=having them. star=11+ crown=elder or w/e the setup is. And these markers can be done on both sides of the infobox by just showing that its dragon=yes|yes or dragon=yes | (some side note for twin / dragon)=yes or however the edits would show.

      My thought is it would be setup so the players would see the line like |dragon=yes | twin=yes that way its simple and if they have a twin they know where to put the yes or star or crown marker.

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    • Any idea how this is going?

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    • Hello, to follow up on this. As mentioned we are missing a bunch of twin dragon images at the moment, but an easy solution (even if just temporary) is to use the Template:Dragon Checklist and Template:Egg Checklist instead.

      twinstar in the templates will give the following:

      Set Incomplete

      twinstars in the template will give the following:

      Set IncompleteSet Incomplete

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    • Right, Ill keep this short, Bane and I have been thinking about reorganizing the Epic section of the Dragons page, Or aim is to order by element, release date, and then if needed, alphabetical (only if the other two requirements rule out e.g. 2 dragons of the same element released on the same day).

      While technically a major change, personally I don't think it effects navigating the wiki, its just a simple reordering if what's already known. to the average surfer, they most likely wont care, probably. Thoughts?

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    • User:OuroDragon/Revised Dragon Table Depending on what bane wants, the final result will change slightly.

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    • Hi, sorry, since DECA games have bought out Backflip studios, is there any way to change the ask backflip page? Sorry, just a little OCD I guess.

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    • The logo and mentioning of the change has been added. I also created a redirect to the page.

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    • Thanks!

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    • Hey there. Sorry if this is out of nowhere, but I'm starting to think the upkeep is too high for the wiki. Especially when it comes to the dragonbox itself. I think we should use a template more like an infobox (like what most wikias use, you fill in the information on the template on the page itself. for example the mlp or resident evil wikias) and use a template that goes to availablility of the dragon so its one page to only worry about availibility. I know there is tutorials out there to learn what to edit but its cumbersome for new users. also template pages looking different like Flower and Moss ?

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    • I apologze, I believe my comment was a little to vague with what I wish to see change in.

      I think that the template of the dragonbox should be changed or altered. Most have to do with its code.

      May I ask how or why the dragonbox was made this way? I might understand that it might've been because of the bot. But without the bot we are entirely reliant on users who can edit it. But for a newcomer that wants to help, it is very confusing on how to get there. And then you have to shift through scrolling all the way down just to add a new dragon.

      Our userbase is primarily mobile, And this wiki in general, is not very friendly. I believe we can work to make the template mobile friendly somehow. There are good examples of a mobile friendly design such as the resident evil wikia , a little bit of the my little pony wikia , and while this is not wikia, the stardew valley wiki . So i think that the template what our users see should become at least more mobile friendly if anything.

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    • I partially agree. When I first joined the wiki not to long ago, I was very confused on how to edit information in the DragonBox. Even when I found the master dragon list, I was confused on how I was supposed to add stuff or how it worked. In addition, there is also a dragon variable continued page as well as a DragonBox header page. After quite some time I figured out how they worked and I have even created pages and added information to them myself, but other people might just not feel motivated to try and learn about how it works since it can seem so difficult and confusing to users at first. I use mobile, and scrolling down the list is annoying because even if you have a general idea about where the dragon is, most of the time you pick up so much speed you scroll right past or stop to soon. Another problem with the list being so long is that on mobile, typing takes forever (it literally types one character a second) and if I press backspace once, it starts deleting everything and I have no way to stop it, so I have to reload the page and lose all the stuff I added. On the other hand, I like the format of the DragonBox. Once you understand it, it’s pretty simple to add information. Although I feel instead of changing the template, we make a new master dragon list (dragon variable 3) that we put all the newer dragons on. In addition, while I know there are some instruction and guides out there, we should make a new guide that is easy to access and has clear instructions, so any new user could look at it and have a somewhat understanding of how it works.

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    • The Flower Dragon design was to test things when all the rift variations were introduced. I think upkeep will be easier if we use the box without the rift variations. I agree if we make a Template:Dragon Variable 3 since the list has gotten long; that is why a second list was made a few years ago. There is the separate Dragonboxheader template due to each content having its own color scheme assigned to it instead of one color scheme for everything.

      The box is set how it is due to all the information pertaining to one dragon and if it was a sidebar it would be a very long bar to scroll through. I know the box was also designed before Wikia/Fandom became more mobile in its usage as well.

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    • Would it be possible to seperate dragonbox pages into sections such as hybrids + goldens, rainbows, suns, moons etc or would that be too much work? also i would love to be able to fix the boxes and tables to work in mobile.

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    • I took a look at a mobile view of one of the boxes in Mobile mode and it seems like toggles don't work so all of the images of stages (egg, adult, etc.) will be stacked and other than that it would be putting the right column information under the current left column. That part is probably possible. We would need to keep in mind the other content pages such as decorations, habitats, and buildings too. We need to catalog a list of pages besides the content boxes that aren't as mobile friendly too that may have higher traffic. In the end the aesthetics would probably be possible. Too bad there isn't a easy way that I'm currently aware of to differentiate the appearances between desktop and mobile without creating "Mobile" pages or sub pages for all the content such as "Plant Dragon/Mobile".

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    • I think editing the main template a bit can help with that issue, but yeah i wish they could separate two templates. I know we have tabber? it seems to have work on mobile.

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    • Relatively minor change: renaming the Olys template to Olympuses. Olympus is randomly shortened and the other templates that link to the Epic Dragons page (hiddens, suns, etc.) aren't.

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    • A FANDOM user
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