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    Chat Moderators

    Chat Moderators are members of the community who have the extra mandate of ensuring that chat stays a healthy environment everyone can enjoy. They have tools to kick people out of chat as warning measures and ban people for a lengths of time appropriate to the offense/number of previous bans.

    Those with Chat Moderators rights are able to do the following:

    • Kick someone from the chat room
    • Ban someone from the chat room

    Chat Moderator User Conduct

    Chat moderator are expected to:

    • Help users in chat to the best of their ability and answer questions(both in main chat and Personal Messages).
    • Ensure those policies are followed
    • Warn someone before banning(kicks count as warnings)
    • Write an explanation as to the nature of the ban and it's length on the person's message wall
    • Chat Moderators need to show maturity. This includes quality edits, courtesy, and refraining from heavily roleplaying (like wiki "marriage", indulging in "violent acts" toward another user, etc ...)
    • Chat Moderators are expected to show good behavior both here and on other Wikis. As their conduct will be associated with this wiki, a block or ban on another Wiki as much as here could lead to demotion without further notice.

    Promoting a Chat Moderator

    Anyone can nominate someone as a candidate to become a Chat Moderator, but nominations will only be accepted for candidates who meet certain conditions:

    • The candidate must be a registered user for at least three months.
      • This requirement is meant to demonstrate that they have some knowledge of chat environments and policies.
    • The candidate cannot be nominated more than once per 3 months.
      • If a nomination is refused due to the candidate not meeting requirements, then it is not considered a nomination and the candidate can be nominated again once the other requirements are met.
      • If a nomination is refused due to the candidate not accepting it, then it is not considered a nomination and the candidate can be nominated again at any other time.
    • The candidate must not have received a block on this Wiki or another Wiki (This applies for 6 months following the end of the block period).
    • The candidate must not also have received a ban on this Wiki's chat site (This applies for 6 months from the end of the ban period).
    • Chat Mod nominee must receive 3 vouches: one voucher from Admin AND one from a Chat Mod who does not also serve as an Admin. (although holding a Wiki Mod position does not make him/her ineligible to provide the Chat Mod voucher)
      • If there is no vouch received from an Admin, a Wiki Mod of 3 or more months may vouch in their place. However, in this case the Wiki Mod must provide a written explanation of support on the nomination.
    • The candidate will be notified that they have been nominated by leaving a message on their message wall.
    • If the candidate does not wish to be nominated, they can give a statement saying that they decline the nomination, at which point the discussion will be closed.
    • If the nomination/vouching requirements are met, and the candidate formally accepts the nomination, a Wiki Admin will open a highlighted discussion forum to allow the community to discuss the nomination.

    Discussion Process

    • Within 24 hours of opening the discussion, the nominee must post a comment providing information as to why s/he is interested in the position and what qualifications s/he has for the role.
    • Within 48 hours of opening the discussion, the staff member who provided the Chat Mod voucher for the candidate must post a comment providing information as to why s/he supports the candidacy.
    • After the community discussion has been open for 7 days, one of the current administrators will open the Voting Process, wherein community members can indicate whether they support or oppose the candidacy. This is not a vote for whether or not the nominee will become an Administrator, but whether or not the community supports the candidate moving to the "Admin Vetting" process.

    Voting Procedure

    • Clearly state whether you support or oppose.
    • One vote per person.
    • A small explanation of your vote can be provided but people aren't expected to answer to it. This is meant to vote, not discuss.
    • Participant must be registered users since before the nomination of the candidate.
    • Sockpuppeting will result in a cancellation of the votes and a block of all perpetrators.
    • No questions or discussions allowed. Any non-vote will be deleted.
    • Voting will last for a week from the time it started.

    Voting Results:

    • If at least 80.0% of the community votes cast are in "Support" of a candidate then the candidate will automatically become a staff member on the DragonVale Wiki in that role.
    • If 60.0% to 79.9% of the community votes cast are in "Support" of the candidate then the candidate will go through a one month probation period with the tools. At the end of the one month if more than 80.0% of the community votes cast are in "Support" of the candidate keeping the tools the candidate will keep them. If less than 80.0% of the community votes cast are in "Support" after the probation period the tools will be removed.
      • Users that do not support the candidate in the post-probation voting thread should list at least one point that the user could improve in the probation period, so that the user can use it to improve; the points should be reasonable and not being personal reasons.
    • If less than 60.0% of the community votes cast are in "Support" in the vote then the candidate does not receive the tools or a probation period.
    • Candidates can be nominated again three months from the end of their probation/end of the vote.
    • If the candidate is accepted for promotion, a bureaucrat will make the user rights changes. If there are no bureaucrats, then one of the administrators should send a message to Wikia staff at Special:Contact/general with a link to the discussion/vote and a request to promote the user.

    Nominations can be made HERE

    Procedure for nominating

    1. Make sure your candidate meets the above mentioned requirements.
    2. Make sure the candidate hasn't been nominated already.
    3. You can nominate yourself, but it's better if someone else does. Also, you need three vouchers nevertheless.
    4. Should that be the case, you can vouch for the candidate instead of nominating him/her.
    5. To vouch for a candidate Simply COMMENT that you do so. Remember a Chat Moderator candidates must have an Administrator AND a current Chat Mod (non-Admin) vouching for him/her.
    6. You can Kudos a nomination, but it will BEAR NO WEIGHT on the candidature.
    7. You can only nominate OR vouch for ONE Chat Moderator per week.


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