• Bonjour, Detee!

    How are you my friend? I really miss you! It's so nice to see you around sometimes on the site.

    By the way, I've been visiting your park to collect Firefly's and saw your progress for the event which is so so good. Congrats!

    Oh!oh! Besides that, I also wanted to share/show you something. Most probably you are aware of it since the forum was highlighted. Now we already have policy/page for the Affiliate Sites. It's LIVE! .. Click the banner! I still remember when you first created a forum to get input from the community. Took everything into account and we came up with this.

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    • Hi, Adriano! I miss you also. 

      I am really not paying much attention to my park, except to accumulate new dragons. It's so haphazard now. I visited others (need those fireflies) and so many still have beautifully arranged parks.

      I did have a chance to see the Affiliated Sites forum the other day. It's hard to find chances to get on when I feel well enough, so I tend to skim a lot of things!

      Talk to you soon, I hope. I'm hoping to get into chat soon to visit folks I haven't talked to in ages, like you, Essiw, Andy, etc. Wolfie, of course. I don't even know who is still here any more!

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    • Hello! (^-^)/ Aww...

      Really? :O Mine is also very messy now :3 haha...Don't have enough space and everything is so so so untidy. Hey! But you are really going good with the Firefly Festival. I'm only at the third reward now..haha

      That's alright! I'm so happy to see you around sometimes. I'll be like..Oh!Oh! Detee..Yay haha. When I was helping out with the Affiliated Sites project, it always reminded me of you :D

      Yeah! It would be so nice to see you in chat. There are a lot of new users and some old users have left. Justin, Wizzy (Teddy), Pickle (I think) have left. Saw Chocobalt a few months back in chat and YMY came back after a long time.

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