• I've been thinking about the "best" way to earn XP through buying stuff... Here is my thinking: XP is equal to half the amount of money spent on decorations. So if you want to "buy" XP, it would seem wise to find things with the best space-to-xp ratio (since the $$ to XP ratio doesn't change).

    For example, the most cost effective single item would be the Rainbow Fountain which costs 5,000,000 but only takes up a space 3X3 squares, giving it a ratio of 555,555 XP/sq.

    If you wanted to buy smaller items and get decent XP at the same time, the Luminous Crystals or Sky Trees appear the best at 25,000 XP/sq.

    Anybody else thinking about this? (Of course here I'm not thinking about dragons, habitats, etc... I have no idea what the "best" way to earn XP is if you are not buying stuff.)

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    • Leveling dragons, raceing, and coliseum are by far the best ways

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    • Grow treats and feed them to your dragons.

      Considering the use of 11 Huge Treat Farms with 20 XP per treat when fed the following will cost 1.11 DC per experience point.


      6,600,000 Treat/hour

      330,000,000 Cost/hour

      297,000,000 Exp/hour


      1,320,000 Treat/hour

      66,000,000 Cost/hour

      59,400,000 Exp/hour


      1,100,000 Treat/hour

      55,000,000 Cost/hour

      49,500,000 Exp/hour

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    • Awesome! Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if selling decor takes away XP or not? I'm doing island cleanup and don't want to sell stuff if it also reduces my levels!

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    • You get half of your DragonCash back when you sell an item. It has no effect on your experience.

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    • You will need a lot of DragonCash. My strategy is to grow Sarjin Peppers, and feed them to my dragons. Also take a look through your goals to find the easiest ones that give the most food/exp.

      Edit: Colluseum events are an awesome way to earn exp, gold, and gems. If you want to maximise exp gain, you should do them daily.

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