• Hey Rianza,

    I apologize if you feel offended about my posts in the discussion for Wolfie. I know that you are strongly supportive for him in this decision, however, I would like to let you know that I am currently neutral on this discussion and in no way do I have an 'agenda' for a candidate's demise.

    There are many exceptional points about Wolfie becoming a chat mod, which I am highly supportive of, however, the discussion of flaws in a user is to help them prepare and improve on what can be seen of them outside their own perspective. Being able to receive their input and intentions on these cases helps them and others to see how things in the future might be handled, as most of the information retrieved from them is from the past.

    I hope that now you will understand my intentions for my recent critical posts.

    Thanks and happy new year -EX

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    • Hi EX,

      Thanks for your post.  I appreciate you explaining your feelings on the matter.  I want you to know one thing, though.  I start to get a bit annoyed whenever I see someone have to answer the same things over and over, whether I am supportive of them or not.   It's one of the things I don't like about this process.  It always seems to me to be a week of having to put up with what anyone wants to throw at the candidate for what may be personal reasons and that is not appropriate and it's not fair.  I'm not implying that you were doing this in any way, but when I see these types of things occurring I always wonder.

      I do agree with you that it is important to get a feel on how someone may handle things but I also think that some folks start to behave as though we were electing someone to Congress instead of a staff position on a wiki.   

      Again, thanks for your gracious note and Happy New Year to you too!  


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