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The Om of Noms 5 is a special, limited, mini event by DragonVale which allowed players to breed and buy limited dragons as well as the ability to grow limited treats.

What is The Om of Noms 5?[]

During the The Om of Noms 5 the following were available to breed, or buy at half price in the Market:

Two limited Island Themes were available for purchase in the Market: The Seasonal Theme and the Harvest Theme.



  • The Om of Noms 5 began on November 27, 2019 and ended on December 18, 2019.
  • During The Om of Noms 5 the following limited treats were available:
    • Fiery Figs, Talontaters, and Jelly Plant.
  • A new sub-category, Om of Noms, was added in the Dragonarium in the Special category, and includes 18 om of noms dragons.
  • After a few glitched, short appearances, the Expanded Lost Island was released at the beginning of The Om of Noms 5.

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