Update UPDATE:

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


You may use {{Update}} by itself for the default message, you may add a custom message as an optional parameter, or you may use it to produce only the symbol.

Template Result
{{Update| }} Update 
{{Update}} Update UPDATE:
{{Update|Custom message}} Update Custom message



I think the article is biased in favour of the school. --User:TestUserA

I agree, especially the part about the student body. --User:TestUserB
I actually think it gives fair coverage, I read an article about it online. --User:TestUserC
It would be great if you could add that article as a reference, so there's proof. Thanks, -- User:TestUserA
Update  I added it today, so that should be sorted out. --User:TestUserC
Thank you. -- User:TestUserA

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