Epic Dragons
Rainbow Element Dragons
Rainbow Flag Rainbow Dragon Leap Year Dragon* Celtic Dragon* Double Rainbow Dragon Prism Dragon*
Aurora Dragon* Double Leap Year Dragon* Party Dragon*
Sun Element Dragons
Sun Flag Sun Dragon Solstice Dragon* Equinox Dragon* Solar Eclipse Dragon* Lunar Eclipse Dragon*
Dawn Dragon* Dusk Dragon* Sunstruck Dragon* Midday Dragon* Pharaoh Dragon*
Moon Element Dragons
Moon Flag Moon Dragon Blue Moon Dragon* Equinox Dragon* Solar Eclipse Dragon* Lunar Eclipse Dragon*
Moonstruck Dragon* Dawn Dragon* Dusk Dragon* Midnight Dragon* Omen Dragon*
Nightbloom Dragon* Harvest Moon Dragon*
Treasure Element Dragons
Treasure Flag Gold Dragon Silver Dragon Platinum Dragon Electrum Dragon Bronze Dragon
Loot Dragon*
Olympus Element Dragons
Olympus Flag Bronze Olympus Dragon Silver Olympus Dragon Gold Olympus Dragon Cyclops Dragon Snowy Bronze Dragon
Snowy Silver Dragon Snowy Gold Dragon Victory Dragon* Hydra Dragon Elysium Dragon*
Muse Dragon* Fates Dragon* Herald Dragon* Stygian Dragon* Squall Dragon*
Valor Dragon* Thunderbolt Dragon* Trimera Dragon* Cerberus Dragon* Dawnbringer Dragon*
Seasonal Element Dragons
Seasonal Flag Seasonal Dragon Spring Dragon* Summer Dragon* Autumn Dragon* Winter Dragon*
Sprout Dragon* Leaf Dragon* Berry Dragon* Seed Dragon* Bogberry Dragon*
Apocalypse Element Dragons
Apocalypse Flag Apocalypse Dragon* Ouroboros Dragon Zombie Dragon* Ragnarok Dragon Omen Dragon*
Snowpocalypse Dragon*
Dream Element Dragons
Dream Flag Dream Dragon Daydream Dragon Nightmare Dragon* Elysium Dragon* Delirium Dragon*
Muse Dragon* Portent Dragon*
Snowflake Element Dragons
SnowflakeElementBanner First Snowflake Dragon Second Snowflake Dragon Third Snowflake Dragon Fourth Snowflake Dragon Fifth Snowflake Dragon
Monolith Element Dragons
Monolith Flag First Monolith Dragon Second Monolith Dragon Third Monolith Dragon Fourth Monolith Dragon Fifth Monolith Dragon
Sixth Monolith Dragon
Ornamental Element Dragons
Ornamental Flag Ornamental Dragon* Lace Dragon* Dazzling Dragon* Verglace Dragon* Flicker Dragon*
Tinsel Dragon* Ribbon Dragon* Twinkle Dragon* Starshine Dragon*
Aura Element Dragons
Aura Flag Serenity Dragon* Ire Dragon* Delight Dragon* Melancholy Dragon* Surprise Dragon*
Stoneheart Dragon* Honeyglow Dragon* Scorn Dragon* Smitten Dragon* Sweetheart Dragon*
Chrysalis Element Dragons
Chrysalis Flag Chrysalis Dragon Duskwing Dragon Lacewing Dragon Swallowtail Dragon Marbletail Dragon
Starwing Dragon* Glowwing Dragon*
Hidden Element Dragons
Hidden Flag Tansy Dragon* Stoneshell Dragon* Cumulus Dragon* Tulip Dragon* Pond Dragon*
Plateau Dragon*
Galaxy Dragons
Galaxy Flag Antarian Dragon Arcturian Dragon Bizurian Dragon Polarian Dragon Sorarian Dragon
Andromedan Dragon Procyon Dragon Comet Dragon Eridanian Dragon Nebula Dragon
Rayleian Dragon Celerulean Dragon Teidian Dragon Nova Dragon Singularity Dragon
Crystalline Dragons
Crystalline Flag Barite Dragon*
Okenite Dragon*
Quartz Dragon*
Wavelyte Dragon*
Azurite Dragon*
Labradorite Dragon*
Jasper Dragon*
Tourmaline Dragon*
Bismuth Dragon*
Sanguinite Dragon*
Mesolite Dragon*
Pyrite Dragon*
Gemstone Dragons
Gemstone Flag Garnet Dragon*
Amethyst Dragon*
Aquamarine Dragon*
Diamond Dragon*
Emerald Dragon*
Pearl Dragon*
Ruby Dragon*
Peridot Dragon*
Sapphire Dragon*
Opal Dragon*
Topaz Dragon*
Turquoise Dragon*
Jade Dragon*
Amber Dragon*
Jet Dragon*
Lapis Dragon*
Ovalith Dragon*
(Magic Egg Hunt)
Legendary Dragons
Legendary Flag
Kairos, the Legendary Dragon of Time Gaia, the Legendary Nest Dragon
Mythic Dragons
Mythic Flag
Bahamut the Benevolent, Great Wyrm of Order Tiamat the Mythic, Queen of Chaos

Important Important: Dragon names marked with an asterisk * indicate limited dragons.

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