On December 23, 2016, YouTuber team muyskerm uploaded a video to his YouTube Channel.

The video was for a game walk through introduction and was sponsored by DragonVale and Backflip Studios.

In the video Mark guided viewers through how to do various DragonVale tasks such as breeding dragons and leveling up in the park.

The video started out showing Mark (Markiplier), Bob (muyskerm), and Wade (LordMinion777) having a three-person phone call telling each other they found the "best" app and they need each other to send gifts.

After the skit at the beginning the game walk through begins with a buffed account from Backflip Studios to be used in the video.

In the description it was mentioned that the video is an advertisement for DragonVale.

Important  Some language and word play in some of the three videos may not be considered to be assigned a "PG" rating.

Below is the video which muyskerm posted on his YouTube Channel:

A Phone Call With Markiplier DragonVale Ep

A Phone Call With Markiplier DragonVale Ep. 1


  • Markiplier DragonVale Game Walk Through
  • muyskerm DragonVale Game Walk Through
  • LordMinion777 DragonVale Game Walk Through
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