DragonVale Crossword Puzzle - Day 2

Hello DragonVale Wikians and any other visitors stopping by!

As part of the celebration activities a DragonVale themed crossword puzzle activity has been made for today.

The clues will be listed below along with the puzzle the clues fit into.

We ask that if you choose to comment with the answers below that you copy and past the "Hide/Show" code which will be supplied to try to avoid revealing any answers to participants who have yet to try the puzzle.

Remember this is all for fun and you are welcome to post your answer choices in the comments below.

The Activity
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1. Witch who showed how to tame and care for Garnet Dragons.
4. Wizard named after the executive director of DragonVale.
6. Wizard who conjured the 11th island.
9. Wizard who build the first Dragonarium.
10. Witch who discovered Aurora Dragons.

2. Explorer who discovered Acid Dragons.
3. Great wizard who claims that the leap year is a myth.
5. Wizard who discovered how to make flame last forever.
7. Enchantress who discovered Amethyst Dragons.
8. Wizard who helped design the Gemstone Islands to accommodate Aquamarine Dragons.

The Show/Hide Code

If the code is not working correctly so it hides your answers an Administrator or Wiki Moderator can edit your post to make it work so there is nothing to worry about.

When posting your answer please copy and paste the following and type your answer where it says "Insert Answers Here":


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Important The post may not appear hidden until the page is refreshed or for a few minutes after posting.

The Answers

The answers to the puzzle will be provided within a "Hide/Show" code the day following the last day of activities.

This helps in keeping the answers a secret for anyone participating in the activity after the first day it is posted.


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