I don't think the wish list makes any difference whatsoever. I wish there was a use for it in all honesty - like your friends could see your wish list and be able to gift once every some many days or so something off of it. I feel like it's just a way to keep track of what you don't have. I don't think it increases odds of breeding it - I had Chromacorn on my wish list since it was first released and never bred it. Ended up using a wish on it, kept it on my wish list but still didn't breed another one (even using one as a parent) until just recently. I try to remember to put all new dragons on my wish list (along with pedestals) as soon as they're released - at least it helps me keep track of what I need. As a long time player - since the beginning - I have not had nearly this much trouble breeding dragons as I have this event. I have only managed to breed one of the limited dragons and that was a Golden hybrid (still really irks me that they are releasing those as limiteds). Another reason why I have given up getting the dragons as soon as they're released.

Also be careful of friend requests on pages other than Friends. At least they have added a way to add games without needing Facebook (something that has been much requested for a long time now - especially after Apple did away with the GC app - GC still functions but new adds have to go through iMessages).

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