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This is a list of user ideas on how to accomplish various goals and tasks and different ways to play the game.

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DragonCash Strategy Experience Strategy Gem Strategy
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DragonCash Strategy

Experience Strategy

Gems Strategy

  • Form a circle friends: Every 24 hours, you get three free gems for gifting to friends on your friend list. In order to ensure that you get the same amount of gems that you give, form a "gem circle" of four people. Gift your gems only to each other and every day each of you are guaranteed to receive three gems. If you purchase the Dragonsai Gifting Tree you can gift an additional three gems daily and can expand the circle to yourself and six friends.
  • Share posts on Facebook and Twitter after completing goals: Every time you complete a goal, you're allowed to share/tweet it on Facebook/Twitter, and that give you one gem for each of these portals (two for both).
  • Participate in the Colosseum: Gold trophies give five gems, silver trophies give two gems and bronze trophies give 0 gems. High level dragons which include the element displayed in the Colosseum have the best chance of winning a gold trophy.
  • Get gemstone dragons: You can earn more gems in a week if all your gemstone dragons are at level 10.
  • Race in the Dragon Track: While gems are not a frequent prize, they can be gained through winning races.
  • Use game codes: A varying number of free gems could have been earned by going to options, clicking 'redeem code', and typing in a code, which can be found on the Social page.
    • The option to redeem codes was removed on February 4, 2014.

Shrines Strategy

Breeding hybrid dragons (dragons with more than 1 element) will fulfill more than one shrine's requirement per dragon, thus costing less time and food. With the Love Dragon you can fulfill three per dragon, and with the Panlong Dragon you can fulfill four per dragon. The most food efficient way is to use Century Dragon (10 hours), Love Dragon (5 hours), and Chrome Dragon (5 hours). However, this method takes a while due to Century Dragon's incubation time. The most time efficent way to level up all shrines is to use Poison Dragon (30 minutes), Sandstorm Dragon (2 hours), Storm Dragon (5 hours), and Rust Dragon (6 hours). Although it will require 33% more food, it completes the process faster.

Dragon Leveling Strategy

When leveling-up dragons, it is generally beneficial to level them all up together equally, not one by one, since there are diminishing dragoncash collection returns of DragonCash→Food→Dragon Level investment.

Useful Strategy Blogs

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