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Soul Shards are a currency used exclusively for Dragon Draw.

Soul Shards can be earned by:

  • Collecting them from the Summoning Circle, which earns them over time.
  • Purchasing them with money from the market.

Additionally, a free Shard template 60 is earned upon completing the tutorial for Dragon Draw.

Soul Shard Prices[]

Soul Shards can be purchased for:

Name Amount of Soul Shards Prices
Pile of Soul Shards Shard template 200 £1.49 $1.99
Crate of Soul Shards Shard template 505 £3.79 $4.99
Satchel of Soul Shards Shard template 1,020 £7.49 $9.99
Barrel of Soul Shards Shard template 2,600 £18.99 $24.99
Chest of Soul Shards Shard template 5,400 £38.49 $49.99


  • Soul Shards were introduced to DragonVale on June 14th, 2021, far before Dragon Draw released.
    • When first introduced, Soul Shards did not have a use, and were impossible to obtain.
  • The ability to gain and use Soul Shards came out when Dragon Draw rereleased on October 25th, 2021.

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