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Sorarian Dragon

Adult - Juvenile - Baby - Egg

Available Level 10
Buy Gem template.png 2,500
Sell Coin template.png 100,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon.png 250,000
Breeding Times 45 H
Incubation Time 45 H
Elements Galaxy Element Dragons
Positive Boost Unaffected
Rarity Status Galaxy
Habitats Galaxy Buy Pedestal Gem template.png 180
Quest Celestial Rarity Sell Pedestal Coin template.png 100,000
Limited PERMANENT Pedestal Type Galaxy   
Sorarian Pedestal.png
Primary Elements When Breeding Possible Rift Traits
Plant Element Dragons Fire Element Dragons Earth Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons Lightning Element Dragons Water Element Dragons Air Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons Light Element Dragons Dark Element Dragons Plant Trait Fire Trait Earth Trait Cold Trait Lightning Trait Water Trait Air Trait Metal Trait Light Trait Dark Trait
Game Description
An old tale from the Shimmering Isles describes a starry dragon that ferries travelers from one side of the sky to the other. It was long assumed that these stories were inspired by the Sorarian star, which traces a curvy path across the night, heedless of the other stars’ motions. With the coming of the Sorarian dragon, however, many have begun to wonder whether the subject of those stories was the star, or the dragon.


The Sorarian Dragon can only be bred at the Cooperative Breeding Cave. The breeding pair of dragons must contain the Sorarian Dragon and any other dragon.


The Sorarian Dragon was able be obtained by collecting a total of Star dust template.png 3,330 during the Star Fall Event 2018.

Earning Rates

Coin per minute:

Lvl. 1 Lvl. 2 Lvl. 3 Lvl. 4 Lvl. 5 Lvl. 6 Lvl. 7 Lvl. 8 Lvl. 9 Lvl. 10
34 55 75 96 117 137 158 178 199 219
Lvl. 11 Lvl. 12 Lvl. 13 Lvl. 14 Lvl. 15 Lvl. 16 Lvl. 17 Lvl. 18 Lvl. 19 Lvl. 20
240 261 281 302 322 343 363 384 405 425

Dragon Earning Rates without boosts.

Automated Names

  • Boone
  • Borogoves
  • Bryllyg
  • Buzz
  • Carl
  • Catena
  • Cosmo
  • Drake
  • Fafnir
  • Fang
  • Galileo
  • Geoff
  • Geoff
  • Goddard
  • Gunther
  • Hubble
  • Isaac
  • Jabber
  • Law
  • Leonis
  • Mimsy
  • Neil
  • Nicolaus
  • Nithogg
  • Nova
  • Orion
  • Raths
  • Rex
  • Scales
  • Slythe
  • Speedy
  • Spike
  • Spike
  • Stella
  • Steve
  • Tycho
  • Wocky



  • The Sorarian Dragon was released on May 5, 2015, along with the Polarian Dragon, Bizurian Dragon, Antarian Dragon, Arcturian Dragon, Galaxy Flag, Galaxy Island, and the Cooperative Breeding Cave.
  • On July 1, 2015, the Sorarian Dragon was added to the market.
  • On July 1, 2015, The Sorarian Dragon, was listed on sale at a reduced price for a limited period of time.
    • The Sorarian Dragon's sale ended on July 6, 2015, when the price rose from 1875 to 2500 gems.
  • Initially, the Sorarian Dragon was available at level 1, but the level availability changed on an unknown date to level 10.
  • On May 8, 2016, The Sorarian Dragon, was listed on sale at a reduced price for a limited period of time.
    • The Sorarian Dragon's sale ended on May 9, 2016, when the price rose from 250 to 2500 gems.

Possible References

  • The Sorarian Dragon is named after the fictional Sorarian star in its description.
    • The word "Sorarian" possibly comes from "So rare" combined with the suffix "-ian". This is supported by its quest, Celestial Rarity.

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