Snowfall Spire

Available Level 11
Buy Iceberry template N/A
Sell Iceberry template N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Upgradable From: N/A Size N/A
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time Instant
Game Description
Listen closely as the Vinturfjord folk tell the tale
Of ornamental dragons were brought to the Vale.
These dragons were some of the rarest to have flown
Their type, source, and appearance unknow.

A legend was told to those that would hear it:
To summon the dragons would take winte spirit.
When the townsfolk heard, they erupted in a clamor
Debating the best way: spell, charm, or glamour.

One witch had an idea and ran off at great speed
Fine lines of lace were what they would need!
Another witch thought that ornaments would be best
To brighten the town with great seasonal zest.

A wizard decided he'd enchant the nights
And covered the buildings in flickering lights.
Their leader concluded a shortage of ice
So she gathered some frost and layered things twice.

That eve, they gathered to pick the most pleasing
But with all the great frills, each one looked appeasing
The townsfolk stepped back and took in the sight
With each adornment in place, the scene was just right.

Just then, a flash came from high above town
And five shining dragons drifted on down.
All are awed by these dragons from the sky
Get them quickly, ther are in short supply!

Update  During the Winter Frostival players were able to trade iceberries in for prizes at the Snowfall Spire.

The Snowfall Spire is a structure which plays an important part in the Winter Frostival.

During the event, iceberries was collected by doing normal park activities. The iceberries were "turned in" to the Snowfall Spire for prizes based on the number of iceberries collected since their last prize was awarded. The Snowfall Spire's infobox has a reset timer that indicates when more iceberries are released to be collected by players.

Upon selecting Snowfall Spire, the options for "Help", "Prizes", "Buy", and "Info" were displayed.

"Help" opened up a tab which provide information on Winter Frostival's offered short descriptions of each of the aspects of Winter Frostival.

"Prizes" open up a tab of the prizes through Winter Frostival.

The prizes awarded through the Snowfall Spire are the Frostpetal Lamp, Wintry Sentry, Holly Bench, Ornamental Pedestal, Lace Pedestal, Dazzling Pedestal, Snowflake Habitat, The Crystal Castle, Ornamental Habitat, Wonderland Theme, Fourth Snowflake Dragon, Fifth Snowflake Dragon, Ornamental Dragon, Dragonsai Bush, Goody's Treatery, Lace Dragon, Magical Greenhouse, and the Dazzling Dragon.


  • New Prizes Available Message Card

Release History

Release Removal
December 10, 2015 January 5, 2016


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