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|December 20, 2012
|December 20, 2012
|February 1, 2013
|February 1, 2013
|colspan=2|'''Affiliated Dragon: [[Gift Dragon]]'''

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The Snow Globe is a limited decoration. Currently this decoration is expired and can no longer be bought at the market.

Standard - Animation

"The gnome affectionately known as Mathias the Meddler always had a knack for building festive decorations. Inspired by the Star Sapphire of Trigon, Mathias created a globe to contain his effect. Not being a wizard, his attempts at snow spells invariably scattered all over the place. He didn't fail. He didn't exactly succeed either."
  — Game Description 
Experience 6,000,012 NewExperienceIcon
Cost Coin template12,000,025
Sells for Coin template6,000,012
Available Level 12
Size 2x2

Release History

December 20, 2012 February 1, 2013


  • The Snow Globe has a clear globe, which allows you to see whatever surface is behind it.
    • In some cases, due to the scattering of snow "all over the place", as mentioned in the description, the snow can be seen even when the Snow Globe is behind another object.
  • The Snow Globe is the first decoration with a purchase price ending in an odd number, making it impossible to sell for half of the original price.
    • It is believed that the price stands for the date of Christmas: 12 for December, the twelfth month, and 25 for Christmas Day.
  • The Snow Globe is the highest-priced decoration in the market when it is available.

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