The Share Park Menu is a part of DragonVale which allows players to take a screenshot of their park without any of the buttons appearing in the screenshot.

The Share Park is part of the main toolbar next to the Help button.

When selected the screen turns a transparent white color for a second and then opens the menu with the options to AirDrop, Mail, Message, Save Image, Copy, or Print.

Some devices allow for AirDrop to be used, while others allow for Mail to be used.

Some devices allow for images to be shared through Twitter, while other do not have the option.

The menu looks different depending on which operating system version is being used.

This feature is only available for iOS devices, and not for Android devices.

Modes of Sharing

AirDrop allows the for the screenshot to be shared instantly with people nearby. If people do no appear automatically, ask them to open their Control Center and turn on AirDrop.

Mail allows for the image to be sent via email.

Message allows for the image to be sent via iMessage.

Twitter allows for the image to be shared via Twitter.

Save Image allows for the image to be saved in the photo app on the device.

Copy allows for the image to be copied.

Print allows for the image to be printed if a compatible printer is nearby.

Screen Size Display

On an tablet or iPad the menu is displayed in the middle of the right side of the screen.

On an iPod or mobile phone the menu is displayed on the entire screen.


  • Share Park Facebook Message
  • Share Park Menu - iPad Zoomed In - iOS7
  • Share Park Menu - iPod Full Screen - iOS7
  • Share Park Menu - iPod Full Screen - iOS6
  • Share Park Menu - iPad Full Screen - iOS7
  • White Screen Example
  • Screenshot Example
  • Share Park Button


  • On December 3, 2013, the Share Park feature was added to DragonVale.
  • On September 13, 2017, the Share Park feature was removed from DragonVale as part of Update 4.0.

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