"Dragon eggs are large and require lots of care. It takes a special blend of magic and tender loving care to get these babies cracking. Collect the parchment fragments to compete the Scroll of Summoning! For more information, see the Help menu. The nursery can be upgraded to hold up to 4 dragon eggs."
  — Game Description 


The Scroll of Summoning is the first stage that must be completed before being able to summon Gaia. To complete this stage, you have to collect ten different scroll fragments. The only ways to collect these fragments are to win them in the Dragon Track, have your dragon collect them from quests, or to buy each fragment with gems.

The Fragments

Image Position Price Quest Time
ScrollFragment TopLeft Top Left Gem template 75 ? hours
ScrollFragment BottomLeft Bottom Left Gem template 100 ? hours
ScrollFragment BottomLeftEggs Bottom Left Eggs Gem template 75 ? hours
ScrollFragment TopCenter Top Center Gem template 175 ? hours
ScrollFragment CenterHead Center Head Gem template 175 ? hours
ScrollFragment CenterBottom Center Bottom Gem template 175 ? hours
ScrollFragment TopRight Top Right Gem template 75 ? hours
ScrollFragment CenterWing Center Wing Gem template 100 ? hours
ScrollFragment BottomRight Bottom Right Gem template 75 ? hours
ScrollFragment CenterEgg Center Egg Gem template 100 ? hours


  • Incomplete Scroll of Summoning Artifacts
  • Completed Scroll of Summoning Artifacts
  • Animation after finding last piece of artifact
  • Summon Scroll of Summoning Artifacts
  • Scroll of Summoning Artifact Found through Racing in Dragon Track Message Card
  • Scroll of Summoning Artifact Found through Quest Message Card
  • Animation after entering Legendary Nest


  • If one were to purchase every piece (as opposed to racing in the Dragon Track or completing quests), the Scroll of Summoning would cost Gem template 1,125.

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