Rings are collected in the Arcane Pentournament, so they could be used at the Prize Pavilion to receive rewards.

Backflip Studios gave each player Ring 150 during the tutorial for the Arcane Pentournament.

Players ware given an opportunity to find Rings during normal game play by performing everyday activities. The number of rings received by repeating those activities gradually decreased throughout the day, but then returned to the original earning rates at the beginning of the next cycle.

Rings cycles reset every 24 hours at approximately 17:00 UTC.

At the end of the extra Arcane Pentournament week, any Rings left in a player's park were converted to treats and placed in the Gifts Menu.

Ring Prices

Rings can be purchased for:

Regular Ring Prices - Double Ring Prices

Name Amount of Rings Prices
Handful of Rings Ring 110 £0.79 $0.99 €0.89
Ring of Rings Ring 280 £1.49 $1.99 €1.79
Bag of Rings Ring 750 £3.99 $4.99 €4.49
Basket of Rings Ring 1,700 £7.99 $9.99 €8.99
Stack of Rings Ring 4,750 £18.49 $24.99 €21.99
Crate of Rings Ring 9,999 £39.99 $49.99 €44.99
Barrel of Rings Ring 20,000 £69.99 $99.99 €99.99

Obtaining Free Rings

Ring Amounts

These amounts reset every 24 hours when the Rings in the park reset.

Breeding - Colosseum - Collection - Obstacles - Gems - Quests - Other
Time Span Rings Double Rings Triple Rings
5 secs through 5 hours 2 4 6
6 hours through 7 hours 10 20 30
8 hours and more 20 40 60
Rare 20 40 60
Epics 40 80 120
Depends on the time span of incubation
Values are the same for all breeding habitats


  • Daily Ring Limit Message
  • Daily Ring Limit Message (Banked Rings)
  • Earning Rings Part 1
  • Earning Rings Part 2
  • Earning Rings Part 3
  • Buying Rings
  • Extra Rings
  • Triple Rings
  • Claiming Prizes
  • Unused Rings
  • Unused Rings
  • Rings Prices Part 1
  • Rings Prices Part 2
  • Rings Prices Part 3
  • Double Rings Prices Part 1
  • Double Rings Prices Part 2
  • Double Rings Prices Part 3
  • Double Ring Weekend Facebook Notification
  • Double Ring Weekend Facebook Message
  • Double Ring Weekend In-Game Notification
  • Rings Storage Meter
  • Rings Storage Meter with Red icon
DragonVale - Ring Limit

DragonVale - Ring Limit


  • Rings were introduced to DragonVale on June 30, 2016.
  • The maximum number of Rings that can be collected on a regular day is Ring 1,000.
  • Rings purchased from market do not count against your daily collection limit.
  • Once players hit their daily collection limit, any winnings from games played at the Arcane Arcade, unfinished quests, will be added to their gifts list. Players may collect these at a later date, but accepting these gifts counts toward their daily collection limit. In addition, rings collected from the Arcane Arena after the daily limit has been reached will be placed into players gifts menu also.
  • On July 1, 2016, Backflip Studios made it possible to collect twice the amount of rings from completing the tasks in the Arcane Pentournament event and doubled the daily capacity of rings.
    • On July 29, 2016, Backflip Studios repeated this promotion which lasted for 72 hours.
    • On September 2, 2016, Backflip Studios repeated this promotion which lasted for 96 hours.
  • On August 5, 2016, Backflip Studios made it possible to collect triple the amount of rings from completing the tasks in the Arcane Pentournament event and tripled the daily capacity of rings. This was a promotion and only lasted for 24 hours.
    • This is the first time Backflip Studios held a triple event currency day in the history of DragonVale.
    • On August 21, 2016, Backflip Studios repeated this promotion which lasted for 24 hours.
    • The market prices for rings were not tripled on these days but they were doubled.
  • When new prizes are unlocked from a different tier in the Prize Pavilion, the rings storage meter would have a red exclamation mark icon. By clicking the storage meter, players would be directed to the prize section of Prize Pavilion.

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