Rift Hibernation Cave
Available Level 28
Buy Coin template N/A
Sell Coin template N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Upgradable From: N/A Size 4 x 4
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time Instant
Game Description
Much like the Hibernation Cave in the Vale, the Rift Hibernation Cave is a place for dragons to catch a bit of shut-eye. Dragons stored here will not earn Etherium.

The Rift Hibernation Cave allows players to store dragons with traits within it. Dragons that are stored do not earn income for their habitats and cannot be fed. The Rift Hibernation Cave can be found within the Rift Dimension after clearing the necessary Miasmic Ether to find and reveal it. The build time for the Rift Hibernation Cave is instantaneous.

Max Capacity

The Rift Hibernation Cave's max capacity is displayed for each individual upgrade.

Level Dragon Capacity Etherium to Upgrade
Regular 25 N/A
Reputable 50 500
Revitalized 100 3,000
Refined 200 7,500
Regal 300 15,000
Renowned 400 20,000
Revised 500 25,000
Respectable 600 30,000
Revolutionary 700 35,000
Ridiculous 800 40,000

Update Note: The total cost of the completely upgraded Rift Hibernation Cave is Etherium template 176,000.



  • The Rift Hibernation Cave was released on September 13, 2017 with Update 4.0.
  • A new upgrade was added on or before November 12, 2017, allowing 200 more slots for dragons to be stored. Maximum 400 dragons now can be stored.
  • On an unknown date, the Famous Rift Hibernation Cave was renamed to Renowned Rift Hibernation Cave.
  • A new upgrade was added on February 4, 2019, allowing 400 more slots for dragons to be stored. Maximum 800 dragons now can be stored.

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