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Puffles Dragon

Adult - Juvenile - Baby - Egg

Available Level 25
Buy Gem template 2,850
Sell Coin template 2,100,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon 1,500,000
Breeding Times 18 H
14 H 24 M
Incubation Time 18 H
Elements Moon Element Dragons Air Element Dragons Light Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons
Positive Boost Icon Air Icon Light Icon Cold
Rarity Status Epic
Habitats Moon, Air, Light, Cold Buy Pedestal Gem template N/A
Quest The Shear Size Sell Pedestal Coin template 2,100,000
Limited EXPIRED Pedestal Type


Puffles Pedestal
Primary Elements When Breeding Possible Rift Traits
Plant Element Dragons Fire Element Dragons Earth Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons Lightning Element Dragons Water Element Dragons Air Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons Light Element Dragons Dark Element Dragons Plant Trait Fire Trait Earth Trait Cold Trait Lightning Trait Water Trait Air Trait Metal Trait Light Trait Dark Trait
Game Description
Puffles are often approached by Wizards and other dragons alike under the assumption that they will be nice and cuddly. But despite their soft outward appearance, their coat hides the truly ferocious beast they are underneath. Sometimes you can catch glimpses of the scary claws, leathery skin so tough it can shrug off the sharpest of rocks and gnarly horns that would worry even the diamond dragons. Just don't make any loud noises around them as they might pull a scaredy-turtle.


The Puffles Dragon can be bred by using a Fluffles Dragon and a Nightbloom Dragon, in either order, at any Breeding Cave.

Earning Rates

DragonCash per minute without boosts:

Lvl. 1 Lvl. 2 Lvl. 3 Lvl. 4 Lvl. 5 Lvl. 6 Lvl. 7 Lvl. 8 Lvl. 9 Lvl. 10
29 46 63 80 97 114 131 149 166 183
Lvl. 11 Lvl. 12 Lvl. 13 Lvl. 14 Lvl. 15 Lvl. 16 Lvl. 17 Lvl. 18 Lvl. 19 Lvl. 20
200 217 234 251 269 286 303 320 337 354

Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above.

Automated Names

Template:Automated Names/Puffles Dragon


Release History

Release​ Removal​ Event​ Cost​
May 27, 2022​ June 10, 2022​ The Dragon Bandwagon Magic template 12,000​
October 20, 2022 October 27, 2022 Dragons Week Gem template 2,850​
May 4, 2023​ June 14, 2023​ Summerthings Magical Magic template 9,600​
October 5, 2023 October 12, 2023 Dragons Week Gem template 2,850​
May 9, 2024​ June 26, 2024​ Upheaval of the Medieval Magic template 9,600​
Italics = Comeback Event Dates
Affiliated Decoration: None


Possible References

  • Upon release, the Puffles Dragon's News announcement message said, "Dragon in sheep's clothing". This is likely a reference to the idiom "wolf in sheep's clothing", which is used to describe dangerous things that appear to be harmless.
  • The Puffles Dragon's description mentions that it has extremely tough, leathery skin, similar to that of the domestic yak.
    • Its long horns, shaggy fur, thin legs, and cow-like snout are also similar to that of a domestic yak.

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