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Prize Pavilion

Available Level 11
Buy Ring N/A
Sell Ring N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Upgradable From: N/A Size N/A
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time N/A
Game Description
Treasures await you in the Prize Pavilion! Your House's market will always be fully unlocked. You can also unlock the tiers of other Houses' markets by trading in Rings for unique prizes. As always, keep an eye out for special prizes available for limited times throughout the Arcane Pentournament!

Prize Pavilion is a building structure which plays an important part in the Arcane Pentournament, Roar of the Rift Events, and Suncrest Soirée.

During the Events, Rings and Magic were collected by doing normal park activities. The Rings and Magic can be used at the Prize Pavilion for prizes based on the amount. The Prize Pavilion's infobox has a reset timer that indicates when more Rings and Magic were available to be collected by players.

Upon selecting the Prize Pavilion, the options for "Prizes", "House Info", "Buy", "Help' and "Info" were displayed.

The "Help" Menu provides detailed information on the Arcane Pentournament and Roar of the Rift rules and prizes. Short descriptions of each of the aspects of the Arcane Pentournament and Roar of the Rift were offered by clicking the "Info" button.

The prizes awarded through the Prize Pavilion are not in order. Initially, players select a house of their choice out of the five options given. Upon choosing a house players would receive a mascot dragon and banner of the chosen house for free without having to trade rings. There were five categories in the Arcane Pentournament Prizes section of Prize Pavilion which were Omnitier, Blazing Gale, Hidden Bolt, Icy Torrent, Iron Blossom, and Mountain Sun. Each section contains three tiers of prizes with the exception of Omnitier. All tiers in a players chosen house were unlocked automatically and by collecting a set number of prizes on the lower tiers of other houses unlocks higher tiers.

In the Roar of the Rift, the categories of the Prize Pavilion do not require a certain amount of prizes to be unlocked. The categories differ from the Arcane Pentournament with the exception of the Omnitier category which were Pentournal, Faire, Firefly, and Light & Dark. These categories contain prizes that are only available within a certain amount of time and become expired when time runs out.

The prizes in the "Pentournal" section were only available to buy from July 6, 2017 to July 20, 2017.

The prizes in the "Faire" section were only available to buy from July 20, 2017 to August 3, 2017.

The prizes in the "Firefly" section were only available to buy from August 3, 2017 to August 17, 2017.

The prizes in the "Light & Dark" section were only available to buy from August 17, 2017 to August 30, 2017.

The “Omnitier” category is the universal group of prizes. These prizes do not need to be unlocked and were available to all players at the start of the Events.

Update Note: For more detailed information of each house in the event, please refer to this page.


Release History

Release Removal
June 30, 2016 September 7, 2016
July 6, 2017 August 30, 2017


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