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How to Find[]

The Piggy Bank feature is only available in parks under level 20.

The Piggy Bank feature is located in the top-right corner of the player's park screen beneath the gem counter.

The Piggy Bank feature is unable to be viewed or interacted with while visiting a park below level 20.


  • Performing certain specific gameplay actions will grant the player Gem template 1 for their Piggy Bank.
    • Spending gems will add the amount of gems spent to the Piggy Bank.
  • The specific gameplay actions which will add to the Piggy Bank are:



There are three tiers of the Piggy Bank with each tier having a different price point and cap.

The first tier is available to all players after completing the tutorial.

To unlock each next tier the player has to purchase the previous one.

When a player reaches the minimum threshold of a tier, an option to purchase the corresponding tier with real world currency will appear.

If the player chooses not to purchase the corresponding tier, the Piggy Bank feature will allow the player 5-days to reach the maximum cap of the tier to get up to a 480% value on gems.

Players can purchase the tier they are on at any time during the 5-day time span.

Continuing to perform the specific gameplay actions will fill the Piggy Bank.

The longer the player waits to make the Piggy Bank purchase, the more enticing the offer becomes.

If the player does not make a purchase then the Piggy Bank will return to the tier's minimum threshold and the player will lose any progress made towards the tier's maximum cap.

The player is only given this opportunity once per tier.

The Piggy Bank becomes a golden color at least halfway through completing the tier.

Once full the player is able to see a prompt to "Break the Piggy Bank" to receive the offer.



  • The Piggy Bank was added on February 21, 2024.

Possible References[]

  • The Piggy Bank's design and feature is likely a reference to Piggy Banks, which is a coin container designed to look like a pig.

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