The Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest was a special, limited time event by DragonVale which required players to collect spice and trade them at the Copious Cornucopia to receive prizes.

Spice needed to be collected and traded at the Copious Cornucopia. Each prize required a certain amount of spice to be traded in to be earned.

Players needed prizes from previous tiers in order to unlock the next tier; with the exception of the first tier, Cinnamon, and the Limited tier prizes.

  • Spice required 5 prizes and Everything Nice required 15 prizes.

Prize Individual Cost
Aubergine Dragon* Spice template 9,250
Aubergine Pedestal* Spice template 920
Seraph Dragon* Spice template 4,000
Seraph Pedestal* Spice template 400
Weather Station* Spice template 12,500
Monument of the Epics* Spice template 14,750
Relic of the Epics* Spice template 14,750
Prize Individual Cost
Egg of Mystery Spice template 2,400
Teozinte Dragon Spice template 5,540
Bounteous Dragon Spice template 4,600
Gourd Dragon Spice template 4,000
Harvest Moon Dragon Spice template 3,585
Leaf Dragon Spice template 3,400
Sprout Dragon Spice template 3,400
Harvest Theme Spice template 3,100
Seasonal Theme Spice template 3,100
Blushroom Log Spice template 1,500
Pumpermelons Planter Spice template 1,500
Dragon Fruit Barrel Spice template 1,500
Sarjin Pepper Barrel Spice template 1,500
Dragon Snaps Planter Spice template 1,250
Dragon Root Planter Spice template 1,250
Zazzberries Planter Spice template 1,250
Teozinte Pedestal Spice template 550
Bounteous Pedestal Spice template 460
Gourd Pedestal Spice template 400
Harvest Moon Pedestal Spice template 350
Leaf Pedestal Spice template 340
Sprout Pedestal Spice template 340
Prize Individual Cost
Bloatato Dragon Spice template 7,500
Curlyleaf Dragon Spice template 7,500
Plumpkin Dragon Spice template 6,455
Bogberry Dragon Spice template 5,740
Seed Dragon Spice template 4,300
Berry Dragon Spice template 4,300
Kraken Kabbage Planter Spice template 2,000
Nubbleberry Bowl Spice template 2,000
Berry Bauble Bowl Spice template 2,000
Star Pods Bowl Spice template 2,000
Omega Squash Barrel Spice template 1,750
Beanstalk Barrel Spice template 1,750
Cube-tuber Bowl Spice template 1,750
Cacti-snack Planter Spice template 1,750
Bloatato Pedestal Spice template 750
Curlyleaf Pedestal Spice template 750
Plumpkin Pedestal Spice template 640
Bogberry Pedestal Spice template 570
Seed Pedestal Spice template 430
Berry Pedestal Spice template 430
Everything Nice
Prize Individual Cost
Towering Treat Garden Spice template 11,750
Vidalia Dragon Spice template 8,500
Karroot Dragon Spice template 8,500
Jive Chive Planter Spice template 3,250
Meta-carotene Planter Spice template 3,250
Jelly Plant Log Spice template 2,850
Talontaters Bowl Spice template 2,850
Fiery Figs Planter Spice template 2,850
Vidalia Pedestal Spice template 850
Karroot Pedestal Spice template 850
Ma Goody's Magical Greenhouse Spice template 650

Important Important: Prizes with an asterisk * indicate that the prize is limited.

Discovering Treat Combinations

  • Jive Chive Treat Discovered Message
  • Gardenia's Hint - Example 1
  • Gardenia's Hint - Example 2
  • Gardenia's Hint - Example 3
  • Gardenia's Hint - Example 4

The special visitor holding the basket is the witch Gardenia.

When tapped on Gardenia has a chance to give cross-farming combination hints. There are examples of these hints in the gallery to the right.

Some of the things she says are:

You found a recipe!
"... Towering Treat Gardens can discover new treats when they are next to each other."
"Sarjin Peppers and Blushrooms are so meta... carotene!"
"Beanstalks and Dragon Fruit make a chive jive with jubilance!"
"... nubbleberry is the best thing since zazzberries!"
"... if only we could cube a pumpermelon, they'd be easier to stack next to one another."
"...when two or more Towering Treat Gardens grow treats next to each other, with the right combination a new treat might result!"
"... dragon root is a tubular tuber treat!"
"... zazzberries and omega squash make for a *berry* appealing combination!
"... magical spice results more frequently from treats with longer growing times!"
"... squishing a squash next to a berry might just yield some amazong results!"
"... pumpermelon and dragon root make for a tubular combination!"
"... cubetubers and pumpermelons might be related!"

To discover these new treats players must grow the following combinations of partner plants in directly adjoining (side touching side) Towering Treat Gardens.

It may take multiple tries to discover the treat through the combination.

Players will receive a popup message that they have "discovered" a new treat and the new treat will replace one of the partner plants on the plot for that attempt. After that the new treat will be available to choose from the plant menu for any farm large enough to grow it.

The combinations to use to discover the new treats introduced during the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest can be found in the table below:

Treat Ingredient One Ingredient Two
Meta-carotene render
EqualSign Blushrooms
Blushrooms render
PlusSign Sarjin Pepper
Sarjinpepper render
Jive Chive
JiveChive render
EqualSign Dragon Fruit
Dragonfruit render
PlusSign Beanstalk
Beanstalk render
Nubbleberry render
EqualSign Zazzberry
Zazzberries render
PlusSign Omega Squash
Omegasquash render
Cubetuber render
EqualSign Pumpermelon
Pumpermelons render
PlusSign Dragon Root
Dragonroot render

What is the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest event?

  • Event Loading Screen

The Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest's objective was to collect spice for the Witch Gardenia.

The "Info" section of Prizes section in the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest Help Menu provided a display of the info box for their respective prizes which were viewed by clicking the prize after obtaining it.


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7
  • Part 8
  • Part 9
  • Part 10
  • Part 11

The Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest started with a tutorial explaining how Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest will work.

The process of this tutorial can be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial took a few minutes to complete from beginning to end, but players received Spice template 100 as a goal completion reward after completing the tutorial.

Prize Completion

When enough spice was collected, they were able to be used at the Copious Cornucopia for unique prizes. Players were able to select which reward they wanted in what ever order they wished.

Max Spice

  • The completion prize at the end of the tutorial does not count toward your max daily spice.
  • Buying spice does not count toward your daily spice limit.
  • The daily spice limit is 1,000 a day and 2,000 on double days.
  • Except for day 1, spice received from watching a promotional video at Tolzar's Optical Oracle does not count toward your daily spice limit.
  • After reaching the personal spice limit for the day, additional spice earned would continue to be contributed to the community prize pool.

Special Visitors

When there are leaves in the top left of the Visitors icon, there is Gardenia and treat baskets in the park. Gardenia scatters 5 treat baskets every 4 hours, up to a maximum of 15 treat baskets per day. The amount of treat baskets that can found in the park is doubled during double days. Gardenia herself may show up in the park up to 3 times a day.

If clicked on, the treat baskets will grant Spice template 10 and Treat template 2,500. Gardenia grants Spice template 50 and Coin template 20,000 on a regular day / Spice template 100 on double days.

Backflip Studios FAQ

At the start of the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest, Backflip Studios posted an event guide on their Web site.

Below are images of the entire event guide, and the videos in it are in the gallery section of this page:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7
  • Part 8
  • Part 9
  • Part 10
  • Part 11
  • Part 12
  • Part 13



  • The Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest began on November 12, 2018 and ended on December 3, 2018.
    • After the event ended, the Copious Cornucopia remained open for an additional day so players could turn in any leftover Spice they may have.
  • The Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest is only available to players that have reached level 11.
  • The Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest was the first Om of Noms event to have a daily gift building, the Savory Silo. It was also the first event to start giving daily gifts before the event started.
  • On November 17, 2018, Backflip Studios made it possible to collect twice the amount of spice from completing the tasks in the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest event and doubled the daily capacity of spice. This was a promotion and only lasted for 48 hours.
    • On November 23, 2018 Backflip Studios repeated this promotion which lasted for 72 hours.
    • On November 30, 2018 Backflip Studios repeated this promotion which lasted for 72 hours.
  • On December 2, 2018, the community reward, an Egg of Mystery, was earned and given to players.
  • On December 3, 2018 the Bloatato Dragon, Curlyleaf Dragon, Vidalia Dragon and Karroot Dragon were unavailable to purchase from the Copious Cornucopia for an hour after the daily reset.
  • On December 4, 2018 after the Copious Cornucopia closed, any remaining spice the player had was converted into DragonCash at the rate of Coin template 1,000 per Spice template 1.

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