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  • Hi, I am wondering how you determined that Plumpkin is the right “orange-loving” dragon? Plumpkin is the popular choice, but as we have seen many times already the popular guess is not always the correct answer. Even with posts indicating the right answer, I double checked the dragons’ descriptions before I chose Harvest Moon, and I am sure I got the 5-candy reward for answering correctly. I’d assume that wrong answers won’t get you the 5 candies, is that what happened when you picked Harvest Moon? And then how do you “find the right answer” (e.g. many players have multiple parks and can try another answer in another park)?

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    • I got it wrong when I did Harvest Moon, and the correct answer was Plumpkin for some reason. I've had that before as well, where I checked the description myself and got what I thought was the right answer, only for the popular one to be correct, and I got nothing for it.

      The right answer is provided once you answer the question, it has a tick next to the one that is correct.

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    • I should've screenshotted, I'll make sure to do so tomorrow if needed.

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    • The green check only means the popular “vote”, which is fine when the poll plaza was used for polls only. But it got confusing when the trivia started, and worse in this event as the last trivia result isn’t shown anymore (unless it’s shown again with the latest update that I haven’t done). If you remember in the last event, the green check and the star can be on different selections and then we don’t get the community reward.

      I haven’t answered any trivia wrong so I don’t know the animation difference if any, but with three parks to take care of, I saw the candy counters increase “in action” with Harvest Moon every single time. I only add the entries after I have confirmed event currency is earned.

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    • Ah ok that makes sense, well I'll trust your answer because I didn't really check too closely. I'll monitor it more closely tomorrow, thanks for letting me know about that.

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