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Lovely Doubly was a limited time event which required players to collect roses and trade them at Castle Lovely to receive verious rewards.

At the start of the Lovely Doubly, Deca Games posted a FAQ guide on their web site.

Roses needed to be collected and traded in at the Castle Lovely. Each prize required a certain amount of roses.

  • The "Info" section of Prizes section in the event Help Menu provided a display of the infobox for the respective prizes, which were viewed by clicking the prize after obtaining it.
Expired Limiteds
Prize Individual Cost
Evolution Chest of Beauty Rose template 1,000
Lovesick Dragon* Rose template 12,600
Lovesick Pedestal* Rose template 1,260
Mesmerus Dragon* Rose template 9,550
Mesmerus Pedestal* Rose template 955
Nomnoter Dragon* Rose template 12,700
Nomnoter Pedestal* Rose template 1,270
Lovonone Dragon* Rose template 13,000
Lovonone Pedestal* Rose template 1,300
Glassia Dragon* Rose template 15,500
Glassia Pedestal* Rose template 1,550
Prize Individual Cost
Love Dragon Rose template 1,650
Love Pedestal Rose template 165
Rose Dragon Rose template 2,100
Rose Pedestal Rose template 210
Rosebud Dragon Rose template 2,400
Rosebud Pedestal Rose template 240
Thorn Dragon Rose template 2,500
Thorn Pedestal Rose template 250
Ire Dragon Rose template 2,995
Ire Pedestal Rose template 299
Iron Blossom Dragon Rose template 3,000
Iron Blossom Pedestal Rose template 300
Serenity Dragon Rose template 3,150
Serenity Pedestal Rose template 315
Melancholy Dragon Rose template 3,500
Melancholy Pedestal Rose template 350
Ambrosia Dragon Rose template 3,500
Ambrosia Pedestal Rose template 350
Delight Dragon Rose template 3,750
Delight Pedestal Rose template 375
Cuddlewing Dragon Rose template 3,750
Cuddlewing Pedestal Rose template 375
Stoneheart Dragon Rose template 4,000
Stoneheart Pedestal Rose template 400
Moonstruck Dragon Rose template 4,000
Moonstruck Pedestal Rose template 400
Scorn Dragon Rose template 5,000
Scorn Pedestal Rose template 500
Canna Dragon Rose template 6,400
Canna Pedestal Rose template 640
Scuttle Dragon Rose template 6,600
Scuttle Pedestal Rose template 660
Murano Dragon Rose template 6,800
Murano Pedestal Rose template 680
Giddle Dragon Rose template 7,200
Giddle Pedestal Rose template 720
Lumineux Dragon Rose template 8,400
Lumineux Pedestal Rose template 840
Lightmare Dragon Rose template 9,200
Lightmare Pedestal Rose template 920
Lullaby Dragon Rose template 10,400
Lullaby Pedestal Rose template 1,040
Buttercup Dragon Rose template 10,800
Buttercup Pedestal Rose template 1,080
Prize Individual Cost
Rosegold Dragon Rose template 4,250
Rosegold Pedestal Rose template 425
Sumi Dragon Rose template 5,000
Sumi Pedestal Rose template 500
Surprise Dragon Rose template 5,250
Surprise Pedestal Rose template 525
Smitten Dragon Rose template 5,500
Smitten Pedestal Rose template 550
Sweetheart Dragon Rose template 6,000
Sweetheart Pedestal Rose template 600
Honeyglow Dragon Rose template 6,250
Honeyglow Pedestal Rose template 625
Spritely Dragon Rose template 6,250
Spritely Pedestal Rose template 625
Satin Dragon Rose template 7,000
Satin Pedestal Rose template 700
Daffadowndilly Dragon Rose template 9,250
Daffadowndilly Pedestal Rose template 925
Petunia Dragon Rose template 9,250
Petunia Pedestal Rose template 925
Begonia Dragon Rose template 9,500
Begonia Pedestal Rose template 950
Cyclamen Dragon Rose template 9,500
Cyclamen Pedestal Rose template 950
Amaryllis Dragon Rose template 9,500
Amaryllis Pedestal Rose template 950
Grace Dragon Rose template 8,000
Grace Pedestal Rose template 800
Entwined Dragon Rose template 8,800
Entwined Pedestal Rose template 880
Canvas Dragon Rose template 9,600
Canvas Pedestal Rose template 960
Masque Dragon Rose template 10,400
Masque Pedestal Rose template 1,040
Astraline Dragon Rose template 10,400
Astraline Pedestal Rose template 1,040
Orlena Dragon Rose template 12,000
Orlena Pedestal Rose template 1,200
Cupido Dragon Rose template 12,400
Cupido Pedestal Rose template 1,240
Mesmer Dragon Rose template 10,000 (13,600)
Mesmer Pedestal Rose template 1,000 (1,360)
Prize Individual Cost
Brutiful Dragon Rose template 11,500
Brutiful Pedestal Rose template 1,150
Divi Dragon Rose template 11,600
Divi Pedestal Rose template 1,160
Pricklefluff Dragon Rose template 12,000
Pricklefluff Pedestal Rose template 1,200
Classical Dragon Rose template 13,000
Classical Pedestal Rose template 1,300
Sip of Love Rose template 2,000
Mesmirror Rose template 2,000
Berrywhite Bench Rose template 150
Bouquet Bubbler Rose template 200
Marble Path Unlock Rose template 250
Roseheart Path Unlock Rose template 250
Path of Nature Unlock Rose template 250
Berrywhite Tree Rose template 300
Pylon of Perennial Growth Rose template 350
Pylon of Alluring Alloys Rose template 350
Ardent Archway Rose template 450
Amorous Adornment Rose template 750
Berrywhite Heart Rose template 900
Sentimental Sculpture Rose template 900
Heart Haven Rose template 1,000
Sweetheart Arch Rose template 1,000
Devotion Arch Rose template 1,000
Lover's Bridge Rose template 1,000
Fountain of Love Rose template 1,000
Candlovera Rose template 1,000
Box of Chocolates Rose template 1,000
Bewitching Hearts Rose template 1,250
Rosefall Oak Rose template 1,500
Dreamcloud Rose template 2,000
Dreamcatcher Rose template 2,000
Prismatic Pantheon Rose template 12,000
Plant Theme Rose template 1,000
Air Theme Rose template 1,000
Metal Theme Rose template 1,000
Dream Theme Rose template 2,000
Melody Theme Rose template 2,000
Aura Habitat Rose template 2,200
Large Aura Habitat Rose template 4,400
Melody Habitat Rose template 1,000
Large Melody Habitat Rose template 1,500
Giant Melody Habitat Rose template 3,000
Omnitat Rose template 6,000
Large Omnitat Rose template 12,000

Important Important: Prizes with an asterisk * indicate that the prize is limited.

What is the Lovely Doubly Event?[]

Lovely Doubly's objective was to collect roses.

The Help Menu in Lovely Doubly provided info on some key aspect of the event.


Lovely Doubly starts with a tutorial explaining how the event will work.

The process of this tutorial can be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial takes a few minutes to complete from beginning to end, but players received Rose template 100 as a goal completion reward after completing the tutorial.

Earning Roses[]

Prize Completion[]

When enough roses are collected, they were able to be used at Castle Lovely for unique prizes. Players were able to select which reward they wanted in unlocked prize tiers.

Special Visitors[]

When there is a rose around the Visitors icon, Gardenia is in the park.

Gardenia would return after the daily reset, and if tapped on, grants Rose template 50 / Rose template 100 on double days. This is different from previous events as Gardenia could appear twice per day.


Daily Gifts[]

During Lovely Doubly, players were able to claim one free gift from the Love Potion Refinery every day they login. The number of gifts players can claim for free is equal to the total number of days they have logged in during the event. If the player fell behind during the event, they could choose to catch up using gems or log in during the final few days of the event.

For Lovely Doubly, there were a total of 35 daily gifts, which are listed in the table below.

Lovely Doubly Daily Rewards

Rose template 25

Coin template 6%

Rose template 25

Rose template 50

Rose template 50

Rose template 50

Treat template 6%

Rose template 50

Rose template 50

Rose template 50

Rose template 75

Rose template 75

Coin template 7%

Rose template 75

Coin template 7%

Rose template 75

Rose template 75

Rose template 100

Treat template 7%

Rose template 100

Treat template 7%

Rose template 100

Treat template 7%

Rose template 100

Coin template 8%

Rose template 125

Rose template 125

Rose template 125

Rose template 125

Rose template 125

Coin template 8%

Rose template 150

Treat template 9%

Rose template 150

Returning Dragon of Choice*

*Dragons to choose from: Amaryllis Dragon, Ambrosia Dragon, Astraline Dragon, Begonia Dragon, Buttercup Dragon, Canna Dragon, Canvas Dragon, Cuddlewing Dragon, Cupido Dragon, Cyclamen Dragon, Daffadowndilly Dragon, Delight Dragon, Entwined Dragon, Giddle Dragon, Grace Dragon, Honeyglow Dragon, Ire Dragon, Iron Blossom Dragon, Lightmare Dragon, Love Dragon, Lullaby Dragon, Lumineux Dragon, Masque Dragon, Melancholy Dragon, Mesmer Dragon, Moonstruck Dragon, Murano Dragon, Orlena Dragon, Petunia Dragon, Rose Dragon, Rosegold Dragon, Satin Dragon, Scorn Dragon, Scuttle Dragon, Serenity Dragon, Smitten Dragon, Spritely Dragon, Stoneheart Dragon, Sumi Dragon, Surprise Dragon, Sweetheart Dragon, and Thorn Dragon.

Return on Investment[]

At the end of Lovely Doubly, remaining roses will be converted into DragonCash at a rate of Coin template 1,000 per Rose template. However, as some items and dragon pedestals can be purchased only a handful roses and have a high sell price, the player is able to manually create a higher value per rose by buying and selling certain items. The table below has been created for players looking to get the most out of their excess roses by listing the ROI values for each item featured in the event.

At the beginning of the event, the DragonVale Forum event page lists recommended items to purchase for quick DragonCash. For Lovely Doubly, the recommended order for items to buy for DragonCash include:

  • Rosebud Pedestal - Coin template 9,167 per Rose template spent
  • There are no cheaper items with an ROI greater than the default Coin template 1,000 per Rose template.

Update Note: The dragon names listed in the ROI table represent the dragon's pedestal and NOT the dragon itself. This is because the dragon's egg pedestal is 1/10 the price, but still sells for the same price.

Tier Pedestal/Item Price (Rose template) Sell Price DragonCash per Rose template
Colourful Rosebud 240 Coin template 2,200,000 9,167
Colourful Moonstruck 400 Coin template 2,500,000 6,250
Bouquet Masque 1,040 Coin template 4,500,000 4,327
Bouquet Canvas 960 Coin template 4,000,000 4,167
Bouquet Honeyglow 625 Coin template 2,500,000 4,000
Bouquet Grace 800 Coin template 3,050,000 3,813
Bouquet Entwined 880 Coin template 3,075,000 3,494
Colourful Iron Blossom 300 Coin template 1,000,000 3,333
Bouquet Surprise 525 Coin template 1,750,000 3,333
Colourful Murano 680 Coin template 2,200,000 3,235
Colourful Scuttle 660 Coin template 2,100,000 3,182
Colourful Canna 640 Coin template 2,000,000 3,125
Colourful Giddle 720 Coin template 2,150,000 2,986
Bouquet Rosegold 425 Coin template 1,250,000 2,941
Colourful Delight 375 Coin template 900,000 2,400
Colourful Melancholy 350 Coin template 800,000 2,286
Colourful Serenity 315 Coin template 700,000 2,222
Colourful Ire 299 Coin template 625,000 2,090
Bouquet Sumi 500 Coin template 1,000,000 2,000
Bouquet Mesmer 1,360 Coin template 2,500,000 1,838
Bouquet Amaryllis 950 Coin template 1,550,000 1,632
Bouquet Cupido 1,240 Coin template 2,000,000 1,613
Bouquet Spritely 625 Coin template 1,000,000 1,600
Bouquet Cyclamen 950 Coin template 1,450,000 1,526
Bouquet Begonia 950 Coin template 1,350,000 1,421
Bouquet Petunia 925 Coin template 1,200,000 1,297
Bouquet Daffadowndilly 925 Coin template 1,100,000 1,189
Colourful Buttercup 1,080 Coin template 1,250,000 1,157
Colourful Lullaby 1,040 Coin template 1,200,000 1,154
Colourful Lightmare 920 Coin template 1,000,000 1,087
Colourful Lumineux 840 Coin template 900,000 1,071
Colourful Cuddlewing 375 Coin template 350,000 933
Bouquet Astraline 1,040 Coin template 950,000 913
Colourful Stoneheart 400 Coin template 350,000 875
Bouquet Orlena 1,200 Coin template 1,000,000 833
Lovely Berrywhite Tree 300 Coin template 250,000 833
Colourful Ambrosia 350 Coin template 250,000 714
Colourful Scorn 500 Coin template 350,000 700
Bouquet Smitten 550 Coin template 350,000 636
Colourful Love 165 Coin template 100,000 606
Colourful Rose 210 Coin template 125,000 595
Bouquet Sweetheart 600 Coin template 350,000 583
Bouquet Satin 700 Coin template 350,000 500
Lovely Large Aura Habitat 4,400 Coin template 1,500,000 341
Lovely Large Melody Habitat 1,500 Coin template 500,000 333
Lovely Giant Melody Habitat 3,000 Coin template 1,000,000 333
Lovely Pylon of Perennial Growth 350 Coin template 100,000 286
Lovely Pylon of Alluring Alloys 350 Coin template 100,000 286
Lovely Melody Habitat 1,000 Coin template 250,000 250
Lovely Aura Habitat 2,200 Coin template 500,000 227
Colourful Thorn 250 Coin template 50,000 200
Lovely Bewitching Hearts 1,250 Coin template 100,000 80
Lovely Berrywhite Bench 150

Coin template 5,000

Lovely Sentimental Sculpture 900 Coin template 25,000 28
Lovely Bouquet Bubbler 200 Coin template 2,500 13
Lovely Ardent Archway 450 Coin template 5,000 11
Lovely Amorous Adornment 750 Coin template 5,000 7
Lovely Berrywhite Heart 900 Coin template 2,500 3
Lovely Heart Haven 1,000 Coin template 2,500 3
Lovely Sweetheart Arch 1,000 Coin template 2,500 3
Lovely Devotion Arch 1,000 Coin template 2,500 3
Lovely Lover's Bridge 1,000 Coin template 2,500 3
Lovely Fountain of Love 1,000 Coin template 2,500 3
Lovely Rosefall Oak 1,500 Coin template 2,500 2
Lovely Dreamcloud 2,000 Coin template 2,500 1
Lovely Dreamcatcher 2,000 Coin template 0,500
Lovely Box of Chocolates 1,000 Coin template 0,050
Lovely Brutiful 1,150 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Divi 1,160 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Pricklefluff 1,200 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Classical 1,300 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Sip of Love 2,000 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Mesmirror 2,000 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Candelovera 1,000 Coin template 0,000
Lovely Prismatic Pantheon 12,000 Cannot Sell -
Lovely Omnitat 6,000 Coin template 50,000,000 8,333
Lovely Large Omnitat 12,000 Coin template 75,000,000 6,250


  • On February 1, 2023, an event timer appeared in the game with a one-day countdown.
  • Lovely Doubly began on February 2, 2023 and ended on March 15, 2023.
    • The rose collection period concluded on March 13, 2023, an hour before the daily reset (which hadn't been adjusted with daylight savings time). But Castle Lovely remained open for two additional days to give players time to spend any leftover roses.
  • At the start of Lovely Doubly, the maximum number of Omnitats allowed in a park was increased from 10 to 12.
  • On February 4, 2023, it was made possible to collect twice the amount of roses from completing the tasks in the Lovely Doubly event. This was a promotion and only lasted for 48 hours.
    • On February 7, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 24 hours.
    • On February 11, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 48 hours.
    • On February 15, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 24 hours.
    • On February 18, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 48 hours.
    • On February 23, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 24 hours.
    • On February 25, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 48 hours.
    • On March 1, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 24 hours.
    • On March 4, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 48 hours.
    • On March 7, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 24 hours.
    • On March 11, 2023, this promotion was repeated which lasted for 47 hours (1 hour short due to daylight savings change) / until the end of the collection period.
  • On February 16, 2023, a bug caused the Mesmerus Dragon to appear in Castle Lovely under the "Bouquet" section at daily reset. It was removed about an hour later. During this time, it cost Rose template 9,550.
  • On February 17, 2023, the Mesmer Dragon's price was decreased from Rose template 13,000 to Rose template 10,000 due to the complaints DECA received from players about the cost of evolving the Mesmerus Dragon.
  • On March 13, 2023, rose collection ended 1 hour before the daily reset due to the daily reset timer not yet adjusted with daylight savings time change, and (presumably related to this) Lovely Doubly ended prematurely for players who have entered their parks before the fix was put in place.
    • The rose counter was not visible for a very short while, and when it was back soon afterwards, roses had all been converted to DragonCash.
    • Deca Games patched in a fix wihtin a couple hours that would revert the conversion in affected parks the next time players enter them.
    • Players that had collected the converted DragonCash or somehow did not get the correct amount of roses back would have to submit a support ticket to have their roses manually restored.

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