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{{Dragonbox | {{PAGENAME}} }}
Lapis Dragon
Combo is [[Thunder Dragon]] and [[Sandstorm Dragon]]!
The [[{{PAGENAME}}]] can be [[Breeding|bred]] by using two [[dragons]], in either order, that includes a [[Plant Dragon]] and any dragon that contains the [[Metal Element Dragons|Metal]] [[Elements|element]], at the [[Breeding Cave]]/[[Epic Breeding Island]].
==Breeding Opposites==
[[Breeding]] a [[Plant Dragon]] or a [[Metal Dragon]] with an [[{{PAGENAME}}]] will only result in a Metal Dragon or a Plant Dragon.
[[{{PAGENAME}}]]''''s''' Opposite: [[Malachite Dragon]]
==Earning Rate==
'''Coin per minute:'''
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!Lvl. 1
!Lvl. 2
!Lvl. 3
!Lvl. 4
!Lvl. 5
!Lvl. 6
!Lvl. 7
!Lvl. 8
!Lvl. 9
!Lvl. 10
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!Lvl. 11
!Lvl. 12
!Lvl. 13
!Lvl. 14
!Lvl. 15
!Lvl. 16
!Lvl. 17
!Lvl. 18
!Lvl. 19
!Lvl. 20
'''[[Dragon Earning Rates]]''' without [[Boosts|boosts]].
'''[[Boost Calculation Guide]]''' to use with the page linked above.
{{Automated Names}}
<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
IronwoodDragonHatch.jpeg|Ironwood Dragon Hatch Menu
IronwoodDragonHint.jpg|Ironwood Dragon Breeding Hint
*The [[{{PAGENAME}}]] was introduced as a hidden [[Dragons|dragon]], along with the [[Rain Dragon]], on August 16, 2012.
**The [[{{PAGENAME}}]] was added to the [[market]] on August 23, 2012, along with the [[Silver Dragon]].
*The [[{{PAGENAME}}]], like all the other [[Opposite Dragons]], cannot be positively affected by a [[Boosts|boost]], because [[Plant Dragon|Plant]] and [[Metal Dragon|Metal]] are opposite [[elements]].
*On December 19, 2012, all of the [[Opposite Dragons]] disappeared from the [[market]].
**All of them reappeared in the [[market]] on January 14, 2013, when the "Bring 'Em Back!" event ended.
==[[DragonVale Real Life References|<span style="color: black; size: 12px;">Possible References</span>]]==
*The Sandara Desert that appears in the description is most likely a reference to the Sonora Desert, where Ironwood trees grow.
**The Latin name for the Ironwood tree that grows in the Sonora Desert is ''Olneya tesota''. The reference to "Tessa Lonya" in the [[{{PAGENAME}}]] description may be a modified rearrangement of the letters in that term.
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Combo is Thunder Dragon and Sandstorm Dragon!

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