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Houses are a set of fictional communities within the world of DragonVale that players can join. Houses were originally introduced in the Arcane Pentournament before later becoming a permanent addition in Roar of the Rift.

The five Houses are Icon Blazing Gale Blazing Gale, Icon Hidden Bolt Hidden Bolt, Icon Icy Torrent Icy Torrent, Icon Iron Blossom Iron Blossom, and Icon Mountain Sun Mountain Sun. Each House has two primary elements assigned to it. Together, the five Houses encompass all ten primary elements. Each House also has a unique mascot, icon, airship, leader, motto, set of characteristics, alumnus/alumni, description, and set of dragons assigned to it.

Upon reaching level 28 and unlocking the Rift Dimension, players can choose one of the Houses to join. In events prominently involving Houses, like the Arcane Pentournament and Roar of the Rift, players will be prompted to join a House regardless of level.

Upon joining a House, players will receive that House's mascot dragon and banner decoration for free. Joining a House is permanent and cannot be changed.

There is no advantage or disadvantage for picking one House over the other. Choosing a House is a matter of personal taste for what aesthetic, identity, and free dragon each player prefers.

House Profiles[]

Click on the House names below to see each House's profile.


Blazing Gale - Hidden Bolt - Icy Torrent - Iron Blossom - Mountain Sun

Mobile users may have trouble viewing the house profiles above. If so, refer to the gallery below.

Note: All House mascot dragons and banner decorations are breedable/obtainable during Bring 'Em Back or other events where they are made available.

House Banners[]

        BlazingGaleBanner HiddenBoltBanner IcyTorrentBanner IronBlossomBanner MountainSunBanner
        Blazing Gale Banner Hidden Bolt Banner Icy Torrent Banner Iron Blossom Banner Mountain Sun Banner


The Airship at the Airship Dock will change appearance to match the player's chosen house.

Click on the House names below to see each House's Airship

Blazing Gale - Hidden Bolt - Icy Torrent - Iron Blossom - Mountain Sun


House Leaders[]

Players will see the House leader attributed to their House in the Contribute menu at the Airship Dock.

House Leaders
Icon Blazing Gale Icon Hidden Bolt Icon Icy Torrent Icon Iron Blossom Icon Mountain Sun
Nogard Whitbee Lumi Gardenia Kaleni
Gwyddion the Great Nogard, Head of Blazing Gale Whitbee, Head of Hidden Bolt Lumi, Head of Icy Torrent Gardenia, Head of Iron Blossom Kaleni, Head of Mountain Sun

On some days Backflip Studios posted on social media an image of a nonplayable character from DragonVale Lore with a brief descriptive sentence as part of a Meet the Wizard profile card.

Below is a gallery of the House leaders' Meet The Wizard profiles along with their post date:

Notably, there has never been a Meet The Wizard profile created for Nogard.

Special Visitors[]

During certain events, the House leaders will appear as interactable special visitors that walk around the player's park. When discovered and tapped, they will disappear and reward event currency and sometimes Coin template as well.

        TheGreatNogardVisitor WhitbeeCandyBashVisitor LumiVisitor GardeniaVisitor KaleniVisitor
        Nogard visitor sprite Whitbee visitor sprite Lumi visitor sprite Gardenia visitor sprite Kaleni visitor sprite

Special Visitor Appearances[]

House Dragons[]

Certain events have introduced sets of five dragons, each dragon specifically associated with a House. A dragon's affiliation with a House is often evident from its design, elements, description, and similarities to other House dragons released in the same event or timeframe.

Blazing Gale Dragons
NAME Blazing Gale Herald Blightwing Fireflight Petunia Venture Ignis
Icon Blazing Gale
Hidden Bolt Dragons
NAME Hidden Bolt Stygian Voltaic Abraxas Cyclamen Spellmason Atramento
Icon Hidden Bolt
Icy Torrent Dragons
NAME Icy Torrent Squall Snowsquall Sixth Snowflake Begonia Reminiscence Coldcoil
Icon Icy Torrent
Iron Blossom Dragons
NAME Iron Blossom Valor Spore Dartwing Amaryllis Harmony Frons
Icon Iron Blossom
Mountain Sun Dragons
NAME Mountain Sun Thunderbolt Alpenglow Sandscale Daffadowndilly Yule Apex
Icon Mountain Sun

Notes on House Dragons[]


Possible References[]

  • The color of the House mascots resemble the colors of the Olympic rings in the Olympic logo. This is notable since Houses were introduced in the Arcane Pentournament, which occurred during the real-life 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • Many of the house mottos may be a reference to HBO's Game of Thrones television series and George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels:
    • The Motto of Blazing Gale, "Unscorched, Untethered, Untroubled," may be a reference to House Martell whose house words are "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken."
    • The Motto of Icy Torrent, "We Do Not Sink," may be a reference to House Greyjoy whose house words are "We Do Not Sow."
    • The Motto of Iron Blossom, "Sown and Forged," may be a reference to House Targaryen whose house words are "Fire and Blood."
    • The Motto of Mountain Sun, "Strong and Shining," may be a reference to House Tyrell whose house words are "Growing Strong."
  • Multiple alumni names from the different houses are a play on words:
    • The alumnus "Pi Roh" from the Blazing Gale House is a play on the word "pyro" which is a prefix associated with "fire" or "heat" and one of the house elements is "fire."
    • The alumnus "Anne T. Matre" from the Hidden Bolt House is a play on the word "antimatter" which may be associated as being dark and one of the house elements is "dark."
    • The alumnus "Shi Nee" from the Iron Blossom House is a play on the word "shiny" which may be associated with certain metals and one of the house elements is "metal."
    • The alumnus "Verdant Thumbe" from the Iron Blossom House is a play on the phrase "green thumb" since verdant means "green with vegetation" and one of the house elements is "plant."
    • The alumnus "T. Erra" from the Mountain Sun House is a play on the word terra" which means "earth" and one of the house elements is "earth."
  • The mentioning of "ValeGro magical fertilizer" from the Notable "Alumni" section of the Iron Blossom House may be a reference to the product "MiracleGro" which is a fertilizer.
  • The mentioning of "Official Committee for Keeping the Vale Islands Afloat (But Not Too Close To the Sun)" from the "Notable Alumni" section of the Mountain Sun House may be a reference to the mythology of Icarus whose father told him not to fly too close to the sun.

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