The hidden star dust is interactive event content in DragonVale.

The hidden star dust was first mentioned in the Star Fall Event as a significant part of the story behind the event.

The Hidden Star Dust reappeared during the Roar of the Rift.

The Hidden Star Dust reappeared during the Star Fall Event 2018.

The Hidden Star Dust reappeared during the initial release of the Rigel Dragon.

Content Mentioning

According to the lore in the description on the Astral Spire, astronomancer Noel dePlante constructed a multi-spire tower to collect Star Dust.

Star dust template

No sooner had famed astronomancer Noel dePlante predicted a great star falling toward the islands than he began constructing a massive, multi-towered spire to help collect Star Dust. The star is almost certainly not going to damage anything, but just in case, we chipped in some Gems to help complete Noel's spire which should protect everyone, and also serves as a floating base for gathering magic Star Dust. The magical energy will be channeled toward keeping the star fall from causing another catostrophic, potentially world ending cataclysm. Again, not that we think that would actually happen.
  — Game Description (The Astral Spire


During the Star Fall Event, some hidden star dust would appear on the ground in the player's park each day.

Arrival Date Departure Date
April 9, 2015 May 5, 2015
July 6, 2017 August 30, 2017
May 2, 2018 May 15, 2018

HiddenLightYellowStarDust HiddenLightBlueStarDust HiddenLightPurpleStarDust

Star Fall Event

  • Before Tapping When The Hidden Star Dust Is Around
  • After Tapping When The Hidden Star Dust Is Around
  • Usual Visitors Button Appearance

During Star Fall Event players were able to find the Hidden Star Dust for Star Dust.

Each time the player found the Hidden Star Dust he/she would receive 10 Star Dust.

In order to find the Hidden Star Dust players had to carefully look over the islands in their parks which had a magic portal.

The hidden Star Dust would be hidden in the park when the visitor's star dust bits on it.

The location of the Hidden Star Dust changes each time the player exits the game and reloads it until it is found and collected.

The Hidden Star Dust can only be collected three times per reset cycle.

Star Dust Color Star Dust Rewarded Number Hidden
Light Yellow HiddenLightYellowStarDust 10 1
Light Blue HiddenLightBlueStarDust 10 1
Light Purple HiddenLightPurpleStarDust 10 1


  • Visitor Menu When Hidden Star Dust Is Around
  • Visitor Menu When Hidden Star Dust Is Not Around
  • Hidden Star Dust Example 1
  • Hidden Star Dust Example 2
  • Hidden Star Dust Example 3


  • On April 9, 2015, multiple hidden star dust pieces in varying colors appeared in the park.

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