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Hibernation Cave

Standard - Holiday 2012

Available Level 14
Buy Coin template 3,141,592
Sell Coin template N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon 0
Stage Capacity: 25 Dragon Slots Size 4 X 4
Upgrade Cost: Gem template 50 Building Time Instant
Game Description
Sometimes dragons like to be in dark places. Since we're sure that you don't want an angry dragon on your hands we thought that it'd be wise to provide a dark place away from the prying eyes of visitors for some of your dragons. Of course, since visitors can't see them, these dragons will not earn any income while hibernating!

The Hibernation Cave allows you to store dragons within it. Dragons that are stored do not earn income for their habitats and cannot be fed. The Hibernation Cave can be bought in the market in the "Buildings" section. The build time for the Hibernation Cave is instantaneous.

Max Capacity

The Hibernation Cave's max capacity is displayed for each individual upgrade.

Dragon Capacity Gems to Upgrade
25 0
50 50
100 100
200 200
300 300
400 400
500 500
600 600
700 700
800 800

Update Note: The total cost of the completely upgraded Hibernation Cave is Gem template 3,650.


Shrines: Dragons can be fed to level 10 and be stored in the Hibernation Cave. Once the shrine you are working on turns silver you can take each dragon out one by one and feed it to level 15 before selling/keeping it. This will help save dragoncash and treats while trying to obtain the gold shrines.

Breeding: Additionally, keeping second dragons in the Hibernation Cave will allow for breeding of multiples when new hard-to-breed dragons are introduced, so that you may try in the Epic Breeding Island, Epic Breeding Sanctuary, the Breeding Cave, and/or the Enchanted Breeding Cave to obtain and display eggs; and/or to breed/sell for dragoncash when needed.


  • Message Card When Hibernation Cave Is Full (New)
  • Message Card When Hibernation Cave Is Full (Old)
  • Upgrade Hibernation Cave Message
  • Hibernation Cave Upgrade Notification 400 Slots


  • The Hibernation Cave was added on January 28, 2012.
  • Dragons may be sent directly to the Hibernation Cave when they are ready to be hatched, instead of being placed in a habitat. Experience will still be gained by doing this.
  • When you attempt to put a dragon in the Hibernation Cave and there is no room for it, it will refer to the Hibernation Cave as the Dragonarium.
    • On an unknown date this issue was fixed.
  • Any dragons kept in the Hibernation Cave will not earn any dragoncash, cannot be used in breeding cannot compete in the Colosseum, cannot race, or go on Quests, which therefore means that the Hibernation Cave is not a habitat.
  • Once dragons are placed in the Hibernation Cave, they can be sorted by element type via the tabs on the left.
  • Once bought, the Hibernation Cave cannot be sold.
  • A new upgrade was added on August 29, 2012, allowing 100 more slots for dragons to be stored. Maximum 200 dragons now can be stored.
  • On December 21, 2012, the Hibernation Cave was decorated with holiday decorations for a limited time.
    • On February 1, 2013, the holiday decorations on the Hibernation Cave were removed.
  • On June 27, 2013, a new two-step filter system for sorting dragons by elements was added.
  • A new upgrade was added on December 11, 2013, allowing 100 more slots for dragons to be stored. Maximum 300 dragons now can be stored.
  • A player cannot access his/her friend's Hibernation Cave directly by clicking it.
    • As of May 13, 2014, players are able to access their friend's Hibernation Cave by using the "Find" tool in their friend's Dragonarium.
      • If a particular dragon is in the Hibernation Cave, the Dragonarium "Find" tool would redirect a player there with an option to "View" the Hibernation Cave.
  • A new upgrade was added on October 5, 2016, allowing 100 more slots for dragons to be stored. Maximum 400 dragons now can be stored.
  • A new upgrade was added on February 4, 2019, allowing 400 more slots for dragons to be stored. Maximum 800 dragons now can be stored.

Possible References

  • The Hibernation Cave's price is a reference to the value of π (pi), which is 3.14159265358979323846264, etc.

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