Hanno Dragon

Adult - Juvenile - Baby - Egg

Available Level 14
Buy Gem template.png 1,900
Sell Coin template.png 2,000,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon.png N/A
Breeding Times 20 H
16 H
Incubation Time 20 H
Elements Plant Element Dragons Water Element Dragons
Positive Boost Icon Plant.png Icon Water.png
Rarity Status Rare
Habitats Plant, Water Buy Pedestal Gem template.png N/A
Quest [[Quests|]] Sell Pedestal Coin template.png 2,000,000
Limited EXPIRED Pedestal Type Plant   
Primary Elements When Breeding Possible Rift Traits
Plant Element Dragons Fire Element Dragons Earth Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons Lightning Element Dragons Water Element Dragons Air Element Dragons Cold Element Dragons Light Element Dragons Dark Element Dragons Plant Trait Fire Trait Earth Trait Cold Trait Lightning Trait Water Trait Air Trait Metal Trait Light Trait Dark Trait
Game Description

The hanno dragon was invited to the party by multiple Valers, because of its interesting persona. It spent the whole day partying by the beach with a beverage in hand, jokingly teasing everyone around it and asking passers-by to dare it to do something weird. Later, it was observed in its natural habitat, walking a bit weird and swimming in the water like a pro. It doesn't fly, but as the wizards say, it's not a bird of paradise, but a dragon of paradise. When nighttime came, the hanno dragon finally met with the frond dragon that dared it to do a handstand. Everyone gathered in a circle around them and the show began. There was some teasing and taunting between the two but they gave it their best. Hanno claimed til the end it's gonna win, because frond couldn't do the handstand at all. In reality it just couldn't see well what was happening because of its haircut. It is still unclear who had won that day, as both insist they beat the other.


The Hanno Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Plant and Water elements at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.


The Hanno Dragon can be obtained by collecting a total of Flower.png 13,000 during the Memories of Paradise.

Earning Rates

Coin per minute:

Lvl. 1 Lvl. 2 Lvl. 3 Lvl. 4 Lvl. 5 Lvl. 6 Lvl. 7 Lvl. 8 Lvl. 9 Lvl. 10
26 42 57 73 89 104 120 136 151 167
Lvl. 11 Lvl. 12 Lvl. 13 Lvl. 14 Lvl. 15 Lvl. 16 Lvl. 17 Lvl. 18 Lvl. 19 Lvl. 20
183 198 214 230 245 261 277 292 308 323

Dragon Earning Rates without boosts. Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above.

Automated Names

Template:Automated Names/Hanno Dragon


Release History

Release Removal
July 16, 2020 August 31, 2020


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