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If you are looking for information about gemstone or crystalline dragons, you can find information about gemstone dragons on this page and information about crystalline dragons on this page.

When a Gemstone dragon or Crystalline dragon is bred some of the primary elements are included in the possible outcome of combined variables which may result.

Below is an example of how this may occur:

If a Garnet Dragon and an Amethyst Dragon are entered into a breeding cave/island together the following elements are entered into the combined variables which are mixed: fire element, earth element, cold element, lightning element, and air element.

Depending on which dragons are used and which primary elements come from that dragon there may be many possible combined variable outcomes. Most Gemstone and Crystalline dragons add the same elements to the outcome as the ones required for its creation, for example, to get a Pearl Dragon the parents' elements must include plant, cold, water, and air (Snow and Seaweed), and using a Pearl Dragon as a parent adds those same elements to the possible outcomes. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

A list of which primary elements each Gemstone dragon and Crystalline dragon adds to the possible outcomes can be viewed below.

GemstoneIconB - CrystallineIconB


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