Fire Dragon Statue

Standard - Holiday 2012

Available Level 15
Buy Coin template 5,000,000
Sell Coin template 2,500,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon 2,500,000
Size 2 X 2
Element Fire
Limited No Limit Unlimited
Game Description
Legend tells us that the craftsman who carved the original version of this piece was so skilled that the statue would come to life at night and wreak havoc. Our version, while virtually identical, is certified magic-free so your visitors will be safe. The original statue was moved to the Magical Archives to be investigated by top men...Top. Men.


Possible References

  • The Fire Dragon Statue's description mentions, " be investigated by top men...Top. Men." This a likely a reference to the Indiana Jones movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when Major Eaton (when discussing the fate of the Ark) states, "We have top men working on it right now." Jones replies with "Who?" in which Eaton responds "Top. Men."

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