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Filter is a popup within Epic Breeding Sanctuary, Enchanted Breeding Cave, Cooperative Breeding Cave, Rift Breeding Cave, Hibernation Cave, Rift Hibernation Cave, Colosseum, Dragon Track.  The filter limits the list of dragons displayed by showing only dragons of particular elements or where text entered matches the name or type of dragon as well as how the list is sorted.

Filter Options

There are three different sections to filter the list of dragons.

  1. Trait - Pressing filter will bring up a list of elemental and epic traits.  Pressing more than one trait will display dragons that contain ALL traits.
  2. Name - Press on the Search text box will display a keyboard.  Any data enter will match any dragon name or type containing the characters entered.  (See Special Characters below for more capabilities.) Filter Text
  3. Ascending or Descending - Pressing Ascending / Descending will re-order the dragons by Level then Name.  (See Notes below for more details.)Filters Desc

Special Characters

There are special characters that follow regular expression rules for matching dragons by name or type.

  • '.' (period) matches any character
  • '$' (dollar sign) matches end of line.
  • However, other regular expression characters ('*', '%', '[', ']', etc.) don't appear to work.

For example

  • To find only Snow dragons, enter "Snow$" (without the quotes)



  • Ascending/Descending will reverse their ability when a dragon is selected and then modified (Name change, sell, etc.)
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