Backflip Studios has organized and given events to the players of DragonVale to help with collecting all of the dragons in the game. Sometimes the events introduce new dragons to DragonVale.

The first event that was introduced in DragonVale was the Bring 'Em Back Event in the year 2012 which brought back all limited content in the game that was introduced before the event began.

There are some unique and major events with special items, rewards and limited currency such as the Light and Dark magic events. These type of events have more information on their respective individual pages which are linked in their respective section below.

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Gardenia's Color Guard The Chrysalis Kaleidoscope

Gardenia's Color Guard

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Gardenia's Color Guard was a special, limited time event by DragonVale which required players to collect roses and trade them at the Bouquet Boutique to receive prizes. Prizes included five new Aura dragons and their pedestals: Daffadowndilly Dragon, Petunia Dragon, and the limited Begonia Dragon, Cyclamen Dragon and Amaryllis Dragon; the Aura Habitat and some previous event dragons and pedestals.

Each prize required a certain amount of roses to be traded in to be earned. This event began on February 14, 2019, and ended on March 18, 2019, but the Bouquet Boutique remained open until March 20, 2019 where players could still spend their remaining roses.

Update Note: For more information about Gardenia's Color Guard Event, please visit the individual the Gardenia's Color Guard event page.


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