Embossed Dragon

Adult - Juvenile - Baby - Egg

Available Level 18
Buy Gem template 1,777
Sell Coin template 7,000,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Breeding Times 36 H
28 H 48 M
Incubation Time 36 H
Elements Icon Metal Icon Earth Icon Cold Icon Lightning
Positive Boost Icon Metal Icon Earth Icon Cold Icon Lightning
Rarity Status Rare
Habitats Metal, Earth, Cold, Lightning Buy Pedestal Gem template 135
Quest Alloy Analysis Sell Pedestal Coin template N/A
Limited EXPIRED Pedestal Type Metal   
Embossed Pedestal
Primary Elements When Breeding Possible Rift Traits
Plant Iconb Fire Iconb Icon Earth Icon Cold Icon Lightning Water Iconb Air Iconb Icon Metal Light Iconb Dark Iconb PlantRiftAlignment FireRiftAlignment EarthRiftAlignment ColdRiftAlignment LightningRiftAlignment WaterRiftAlignment AirRiftAlignment MetalRiftAlignment LightRiftAlignment DarkRiftAlignment
Game Description
With the stars shining bright overhead, the young musician, Rella, decided to take some time on the anniversary of the Vale to ponder and celebrate the last seven years. She found a calm meadow and began to play her harp and became lost in the music. She played for several hours until she heard a harmony join her chorus. The young witch looked for the source of the sweet music and was awed to see an embossed dragon had joined her, using the strings strung on its tail to accompany the music. The song continued into the night -- witch and dragon celebrating not only past years, but bright ones to come.


The Embossed Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Metal, Earth, Cold and Lightning elements at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Earning Rates

Coin per minute:

Lvl. 1 Lvl. 2 Lvl. 3 Lvl. 4 Lvl. 5 Lvl. 6 Lvl. 7 Lvl. 8 Lvl. 9 Lvl. 10
19 30 42 53 65 76 88 99 110 122
Lvl. 11 Lvl. 12 Lvl. 13 Lvl. 14 Lvl. 15 Lvl. 16 Lvl. 17 Lvl. 18 Lvl. 19 Lvl. 20
133 145 156 168 179 190 202 213 225 236

Dragon Earning Rates without boosts. Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above.

Automated Names

Template:Automated Names/Embossed Dragon


  • Embossed Dragon Breeder Goal
  • Embossed Dragon Rift Hatch Menu
  • Embossed Dragon Breeding Hint

Release History

Release Removal
September 14, 2018 September 24, 2018
September 13, 2019 September 30, 2019
Affiliated Decoration: 7th Anniversary Statue, Embossed Pedestal


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