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Available Level 1
Buy N/A
Sell N/A
Required Stars: N/A Size 6 X 6
Next Upgrade: StarIcon 10 Summon Time Instant
Game Description
The Dragonarium is the center of study and records for all known dragons. This Dragonarium is based on the first Dragonarium built by Carolynn Aristelle on the isles below Mount Oly in ancient days as a place to study dragons. Sadly, in those days they still used paper and parchment to record their knowledge, despite the fact that they were stored near fire-breathing dragons. You know what they say about begin book smart instead of wise: sometimes things catch on fire (or something like that).


  • Tutorial Part 1
  • Dragonarium Help Menu Part 1
  • Dragonarium Help Menu Part 2
  • Dragonarium Help Menu Part 3
  • Collection Types Part 1
  • Collection Types Part 2
  • Rarity : Primary
  • Rarity : Hybrid
  • Rarity : Rare
  • Rarity : Epic
  • Rarity : Gemstone
  • Rarity : Legendary
  • New!
  • Limited Time Only!
  • Unavailable
  • Stars
  • Finding a Dragon
  • Dragonarium
  • Goal Completion Message

Update 2.3.0 started with a tutorial introducing all new feature of the game, the Dragonarium.

An image of this tutorial can be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial took a few seconds to complete, but when players came out of the Help Menu, they received five gems as a goal completion reward after completing the tutorial.

The Dragonarium has multiple features to aid players in collecting the dragons in DragonVale.

Some of the features include identifying a dragon's rarity, identifying a dragon's availability, finding a dragon, sorting dragons by category and sub-category, and seeing how many of a specific dragon the player has in their park.

When new dragons appear in the park or something is unlocked then a red exclamation icon will appear. The icon can be seen in the sub-categories the new dragon or dragons are sorted in.

When a player has at least one of every dragon the final upgrade will show an animation of sparkles and the adult Fire Dragon statue will begin to breathe its breath.

The Dragonarium was originally located on its own private silver colored island between the first, third, fourth, and fifth islands.

The Dragonarium is currently located to the left of the first island and next to the Epic Breeding Island/Epic Breeding Sanctuary and the Cooperative Breeding Cave.


  • Navigation (Part One)
  • Navigation (Part Two)
  • Example: Number of Crypt Dragon Message Card

There are many features in the Dragonarium which require navigation.

Sub-categories can be sorted by "Name", "Level", "Rarity", and "Availability" by tapping on the button in the bottom right corner of a sub-category.

Players can view the different stages of a dragon by selecting a dragon and tapping on the "Age" button. The first tap will turn the baby stage into the juvenile stage, a second tap will turn the juvenile stage into the adult stage, and a third tap turns the adult stage back into the baby stage.

While looking at an individual dragon the player can also view animations of the specific dragon, have an option to buy an available dragon, or find a dragon in their park.

A small triangle with number at the top right of the dragons card in the Dragonarium allows players to see how many of that specific dragon a player has in his/her park. Upon clicking on the triangle, a message card pops up with the dragon's name and the number of that specific dragon a player has.

Player also have access to the Dragonarium Help Menu from any part of the Dragonarium sections by clicking on the "Help" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The gray triangle button in the top left corner of the screen will bring the player to the previous screen.

The red-X button in the top right corner of the screen will exit and close the Dragonarium menu.


  • Stars
  • Maximum Stars Example
  • Minimum Stars Example
  • Number of Stars in Infobox
  • Animation when a Star is obtained
  • Animation of Dragonarium when Upgrading

The Dragonarium uses "Star System" to help keep track of collected dragons and completed sub-categories. The number of stars a player has and the number of stars a player needs for the next upgrade can be viewed in the infobox of the Dragonarium.

When a sub-category is completed by obtaining at least one of each dragon in that sub-category, the specific sub-category button will turn from gray to gold.

Each category and sub-category have a different amount of stars, but stars can range from two to six stars depending on the sub-category.

Depending on how many stars the player has, the appearance of the Dragonarium will change and when the Dragonarium is upgraded, it would receive an animation effect temporarily. The player's screen would automatically be directed to where the Dragonarium is located after receiving the last star for the upgrade.

Update Note: When a new dragon is released, the animation of the Dragonarium will cease. This is true whether or not acquiring the new dragon will result in an additional star being rewarded. Acquiring the new dragon will, of course, enable the animation again.

Appearance Stars Achieved
Basic Dragonarium 0 Stars
1st Upgrade 10 Stars
2nd Upgrade 30 Stars
3rd Upgrade 75 Stars
4th Upgrade 135 Stars
Red Fire Animation (All Dragons)
Blue Fire Animation (All Twin Dragons)
Purple Fire Animation (All Rift Trait Variants)
Ghosts Animation (All Ghostly Dragons)

History Maximum number of Stars
Initially 143
May 29, 2014 144
July 25, 2014 145
August 21, 2014 146
September 11, 2014 147
October 7, 2014 148
October 8, 2014 149
October 24, 2014 150
December 17, 2014 155
January 12, 2015 156
March 11, 2015 160
March 19, 2015 168
May 5, 2015 172
July 15, 2015 173
December 9, 2015 179
January 27, 2016 183
February 12, 2016 184
March 10, 2016 189
April 13, 2016 190
May 15, 2016 194
Unknown 195

Identifying Rarity

  • Rarity : Primary
  • Rarity : Hybrid
  • Rarity : Rare
  • Rarity : Epic
  • Rarity: Galaxy
  • Rarity : Gemstone
  • Rarity : Legendary

Different dragons in DragonVale have different levels of rarity.

With the addition of the Dragonarium identifying the rarity of a dragon became easier with specific colors for text, banners, and borders for each dragon button in the Dragonarium.

The border color can also be seen when viewing a dragon in its habitat, and the level of rarity can also be found on a dragon's breeding hint image.

Rarity Text Color Banner Color Border Color
Primary White None Black
Common Green None Black
Rare Light Blue Blue Blue
Epic Light Purple Purple Purple
Galaxy Light Gray Cyan Cyan
Gemstone Light Orange Orange Orange
Legendary Light Red Red Red

Identifying Availability

  • Limited Time Only!
  • Unavailable
  • Item Not Available Message Card

One of the features the Dragonarium offers is the option to identify availability and whether a dragon is limited or not.

If a dragon is limited an hourglass is located in the top-left corner of dragon's button in the Dragonarium.

If a sub-category has limited dragons in it, an hourglass is located in the top-left corner of sub-category's button in the Dragonarium.

If the dragon is available, the hourglass will be shaded in the color green and if the dragon is unavailable the hourglass will be shaded in the color gray.

A message would pop up on the screen for players if the item is not available upon clicking on the hourglass which is shaded in the color gray.

If there is at least one dragon available in a sub-category which is available the hourglass will be shaded in the color green instead of the color gray.

Finding A Dragon

  • Finding a Dragon
  • Finding A Dragon Step 1
  • Finding A Dragon Step 2
  • Finding A Dragon Step 3
  • Finding A Dragon Step 4
  • Finding A Dragon Step 5
  • Finding A Dragon Step 6
  • Finding A Dragon Step 7
  • Finding A Dragon Step 8
  • Found A Dragon

One of the features the Dragonarium offers is the ability to find and locate a specific dragon anywhere in the park. This includes dragons located in both habitats and the Hibernation Cave.

To use this feature follow these steps:

  • Open the Dragonarium.
  • Select a category the dragon being searched for is in.
  • Select the sub-category the dragon being searched for is in.
  • Select the dragon being searched for.
  • Tap on the "Find" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Select the specific dragon being searched for from the list of that type of dragon.
  • Tap on the "Find" button.

An example of tutorial to find the Sakura Dragon can be viewed in the gallery to the right.


  • Collection Types Part 1
  • Collection Types Part 2

With the introduction of the Dragonarium, dragons were assigned specific categories and sub-categories.

The Dragonarium has four main categories, and thirty-three sub-categories.

  • The "All" category contains all thirty-three sub-categories.
  • The "Elemental" category contains ten of the sub-categories.
  • The "Epic" category contains thirteen of the sub-categories.
  • The "Special" category contains nine of the sub-categories.

If a player has fewer than ten Stars then only the first two main categories will appear in the Dragonarium.

AllBanner2         ElementalBanner
EpicBanner         SpecialBanner

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