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Friends page, content help needed-

Spotted Hat - earns $1,210, but why?

Is game center the only way to add friends?

Sending and receiving Gifts.

AngelDeLaNoche 11:13, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

At level 12 the spotted hat earns $1,440. Need information on how much for each level.

Hey lets exchange game center usernames for free gems! I'll start my username is yomo222.

gifts! help!

hey! can any one help me on how to send gems to my friends? they are in my gamecenter but wont show up in dragonvale. please help!!!

I have had to delete and reinstall Dragonvale on my iPhone to get my "lost" friends back. This is scary, but each time I reinstall it, I am at the same level and everything is the same as before, except my friends are back again. Hope this helps.Tryt53 18:27, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

Optimal layout?

Is there an existing optimal layout for including ALL dragons, ALL habitats, and ALL boosts without getting ANY negatives?

Would rather build towards it than doing all the trial n error, deleting, rebuilding, and rebre E.G.: island 1: 2 fire habitats w/ fire, lava. Fire boost. Earth habitat w/ blah lag blah Island 2: thunder boost, lightning, storm dragons in lightning habitat.


I am fairly certain that there is NO perfect layout. There will be some conflicts with some dragons. No way to avoid it. I am wondering too, about the best layout, even with the negatives...

I have Earth, Plant, and Fire on one island, with Water, Cold, and Air on another, and Lightning with the rares on another island. A few dragons have some conflicts, but for the most part they are all earning their max.

KBCMommy 04:17, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

Since I have a lot of Panglong dragons for their really high points, I have them all in earth habitats, and have just the WATER and FIRE boost for that island, because those give a huge boost (both positive boosts, with no negative) to the Panglongs (360 coins per minute at a level 13, and 411 at a level 15) and create tons of coins really quickly. This is a great way if you breed a lot of them and want lots of points!Tryt53 18:44, May 25, 2012 (UTC)


As stated above, which is the best way to lay your island out? Im on lvel 18 but im still having difficulties on laying everysingle boost out. Which shiukd go aling with which?

Element boosters help

Can anyone tell me which element boosters to put on each island? Thanks!

A good idea is to put tem on island so they dont interfere with each other, this means dont put Earth and Air on the same island because they are opposites, but always put them with the same habitat. Even if this means moving some habitats around.

eg. On one island: Air, Lightning, Metal, Cold.

     On the other: Earth, Water, Plant, Fire. 

Ayth333 6:50, December 11, 2012

Spotted Hat

I would like to know what the spotted hat is.


When you go to a friend's site and click on the 3 (usuallly you will find 3) spotted hats, you get extra coins added to your account. This doesn't take away anything from the person you are visiting. It is just an incentive for people to go and visit and see other people's sites. The amount you get for each hat will go up as your Dragonvale level goes up.Tryt53 18:30, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

Can't send gift to certain person. Please help!

I've been using DragonVale for a few weeks now and sending gifts to a certain person every day. (They have been doing the same for me.) Today though, it won't let me. I waited the 24 hours so I could send it, I sent 2 other gifts to 2 other people, but the 'Free Gift' button next to this particular person isn't highlighted. I don't know why, seeing as I haven't sent them a gift in well over 24 hours now. Please help!

Add me if you'd like :) - ChemicalRabbit

Sometimes it helps if you totally stop and restart Dragonvale. You can either shut down the device, or just shut the running task. If you're on an iPhone or iPad, just double-click the home button and you will see the list of active tasks along the bottom of the screen. Find the Dragonvale one and press and hold it (make sure you are doing this on the active tasks, and not on the regular application icon on the main screen), and then press the red x when it starts wiggling. This will shut down the running task. This looks just like it does when you are deleting and app, so if you are uncomfortable with this, just shut you device down completely and reboot and it should restart it also.Tryt53 18:35, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

Add dopey279 as a freind

I'm posting a blog entry with several sentences, and I want each separated by a single line break. Right now, a single return stroke does not separate lines, the sentences are all in one paragraph. However, two return strokes produce two line breaks. Is there a line break code like a

I'm posting a blog entry with several sentences, and I want each separated by a single line break. Right now, a single return stroke does not seperate lines, the sentences are all in one paragraph. However, two return strokes produces two line breaks.Babyrabbit1029 (talk) 15:05, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

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