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The DragonVale Wiki has an Building Checklist to help members of the community keep track of or show other players which buildings he or she has in DragonVale.

When first using the checklist copy and paste the code from the darker box located under "Checklist Code" to where you want your checklist to be stored.

After pasting the checklist you can change the "no" after the equal sign to "yes", and put other options explained further down on the page.

The "no" option will display a red ✕ (Set Incomplete) to show that the player does not have the building yet.

The "yes" option will display a green ✓ (Set Complete) to show that the player has the building.

There are also options for the player to show how many treat farms the player has, the upgrade of the player's buildings, and if the player has bronze, silver, or gold shrine.

For the treat farms the player could have a number (for example 4) that shows how many treat farms of each type the player has.

For the Hibernation Cave and the Storage Tower, the player can show how much space the buildings have (for example 40.png or 30.png0.png) to show that the player has at least two of the dragon at level 20.

The player can also show how many nests (for example Number4) the player has in the Nursery.

The "bronze", "silver", and "gold" options will display if the player's shrine is gold, silver or bronze.





For buildings added after you copy and paste the checklist you would need to add any new buildings to the code yourself or come back to this page and copy the newly added lines from the code under "Checklist Code".


You can store your checklist in your profile or in your personal namespace.

To keep your checklist in your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the code under the "Checklist Code" tab.
  2. Click here to edit your profile.
  3. Paste the checklist in the desired location, and hit the "Publish" button on the right.

To keep your checklist in a personal namespace, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the code under the "Checklist Code" tab.
  2. Click this link and hit "Create".
  3. Paste the checklist and hit "Publish".

After creating your checklist in your personal namespace, to view it on your profile you must add {{/Building Checklist}} to your profile.

Update For help creating tabs and/or tabbers, please view DragonVale Wiki's Tab Guide.

Thank you for understanding, and hopefully you find this useful to both your game-play and community interaction. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the active staff.

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