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DragonVale Community
The DragonVale Community is a very large, friendly, diverse, dispersed, and active forum community who do nothing but discuss all things about DragonVale. Their discussion is fuelled by a wide interest in DragonVale, and spiced with overwhelming goodwill, witty humour, profound grace and compassion and relentless taunting. They are an independent forum in no way affiliated with Backflip Studios, though Backflip Studios have an account on their forum board and do communicate with users with occasional regularity. The DragonVale Community forum was created by and is managed by DragonVale fanatics.

DragonVale Breeding Sandbox
The DragonVale Breeding Sandbox answers "What do X + Y make?" and "How do I make Z?" questions within a simulated breeding environment. It recognizes short-term luck as the most important factor and rejects the idea of "magic combos," focusing instead on combos with shorter fail times to maximize breeding attempts over the long-term. Its continual evolution is a result of the help and support from the DragonVale Wiki, the DragonVale Community, and players from all over the world.

The r/dragonvale subreddit is a forum space where questions and topics about DragonVale can be posted and read. Scroll through the posts to see if unknown information is to be found. Find a post of desire and click on it to read additional comments and replies. The r/dragonvale subreddit is a fan-based community with no direct affiliation to Backflip Studios.

Update Note: Too many affiliated sites would become overwhelming. Affiliation should be a two-way partnership with open and active communication, where both parties are benefiting and helping each other when needed.

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