DragonVale Super Fan Collaboration happens when Backflip Studios works with a super fan from the DragonVale Fan Faire.

One of the super fans, Janna, from the DragonVale Fan Faire has been asked by Backflip Studios to make videos for them. These videos consist of arts and crafts tutorials, park tours, and sneak peeks.

Janna first came to the DragonVale Facebook page on June 10, 2016 when her submission video for the DragonVale Fan Faire was posted online prior to the event.

On August 17, 2016 a video was posted on the DragonVale Facebook page where she formally introduced herself to the community and explained why she was in a video.

The first video which included arts and crafts was posted on August 20, 2016 and gave a tutorial on how to make replicas of the Vials of Elemental Vitality from stage two of the required artifacts needed to summon Gaia.

With permission the DragonVale Wiki is allowed to post links and information about the videos.

Due to restrictions we are unable to upload Facebook videos, but the links below will load to the post on the DragonVale Facebook page:

Type of Video Description Link Date Posted
Introduction Welcome Janna Introduction Link August 17, 2016
Arts & Crafts Vials of Vitality Craft Link August 20, 2016
Arts & Crafts Pentournament House Banners September 12, 2016
Tutorial Whitbee's Candy Bash 3 Tutorial October 21, 2016
Arts & Crafts DragonVale Pumpkin Carving! October 28, 2016


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