Derecho Dragon

Adult - Juvenile - Baby - Egg

Available Level N/A
Buy Gem template 1,250
Sell Coin template 1,750,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon 150,000
Breeding Times 16 H
Incubation Time 16 H
Elements Icon Air Icon Cold
Positive Boost Icon Air Icon Cold
Rarity Status Rare
Habitats Air, Cold Buy Pedestal Gem template 100
Quest Adrenaline Rush Sell Pedestal Coin template N/A
Limited PERMANENT Pedestal Type Epic   
Derecho Pedestal
Primary Elements When Breeding Possible Rift Traits
Plant Iconb Fire Iconb Earth Iconb Icon Cold Lightning Iconb Water Iconb Icon Air Metal Iconb Light Iconb Dark Iconb PlantRiftAlignment FireRiftAlignment EarthRiftAlignment ColdRiftAlignment LightningRiftAlignment WaterRiftAlignment AirRiftAlignment MetalRiftAlignment LightRiftAlignment DarkRiftAlignment
Game Description
On a crisp and clear day, the ambitious wizard Volell was dreaming up new ideas for island architecture. He looked to the clouds for inspiration and saw one moving at an incredible speed. It was a peculiar sight as he had spent most of his work expanding the Vale further into the skies and had never seen such a thing. He was just about to cast a remedy spell on himself to alleviate what must had been a hallucination hex, but he dropped his wand when the cloud came roaring toward him. It came to a sudden stop right in front of him, and that's when it became clear: this was a derecho dragon getting its kicks from surfing the hight winds. The dragon winked and rocketed off. It continued its thrill-seeking routine as Volell stood there dazed and confused.


The Derecho Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Air and Cold elements at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.


The Derecho Dragon can be obtained by spending Rose template 9,000 during the Gardenia's Color Guard event.

Earning Rates

Coin per minute:

Lvl. 1 Lvl. 2 Lvl. 3 Lvl. 4 Lvl. 5 Lvl. 6 Lvl. 7 Lvl. 8 Lvl. 9 Lvl. 10
14 22 31 39 47 56 64 73 81 89
Lvl. 11 Lvl. 12 Lvl. 13 Lvl. 14 Lvl. 15 Lvl. 16 Lvl. 17 Lvl. 18 Lvl. 19 Lvl. 20
98 106 114 123 131 140 148 156 165 173

Dragon Earning Rates without boosts.

Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above.

Automated Names

Template:Automated Names/Derecho Dragon


  • Derecho Dragon Breeding Hint
  • Derecho Dragon Hatch Menu
  • Derecho Dragon Goal

Release History

Release Removal
March 1, 2019 March 8, 2019
March 28, 2019 -


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