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Crystalline Habitat

Available Level 21
Buy Coin template 2,000,000
Sell Coin template 1,000,000
EXP NewExperienceIcon 2,000,000
Size 5 X 5
Element Crystalline
Dragon Capacity 4
Upgradable From N/A Currency Capacity Gem template 4
Upgradable To N/A Building Time 4 H
Game Description
The water wizard Koostow, creator of the world-famous gemstone island, returned to the Shimmering Isles to complete the final volume of the Gemstone Dragon Compendium. As fate (and Koostow's equally famed inability to navigate) would have it, the wizard found himself lost and adrift near the Shimmering Isle archipelago. He made landfall on a secluded island where he discovered strange, never before seen crystalline formations. He also discovered that he would need to begin work on a new Dragon Compendium.


  • Second Crystalline Habitat In-Game Notification


  • The Crystalline Habitat was released on July 15, 2015, along with the Jasper Dragon and the Crystalline Flag.
  • The Second Crystalline Habitat was released on October 14, 2015, along with the Sanguinite Dragon.
  • The Third Crystalline Habitat was released on February 15, 2016, along with the Okenite Dragon.
  • The Fourth Crystalline Habitat was released on May 15, 2016, along with the Azurite Dragon.
  • Buying a Crystalline Habitat does NOT increase your chances of breeding a Crystalline Dragon.
  • On April 12, 2016, the total Gem capacity of the Crystalline Habitat was increased from three to four.

Possible References

  • The description of the second Crystalline Habitat mentions "Our habitat designers promise us that this arrangement of crystals ensures a 10% increase in compositional harmony." This may be a reference to feng shui, a Chinese philosophical method which includes a special arrangement of objects to strengthen your inner balance.
  • The description of the fourth Crystalline Habitat is likely an English haiku, a type of poem based on the Japanese poem style Haiku.
  • The third Crystalline Habitat's description mentions "*wand drop". This is likely a reference to Mic Drop, a popular internet meme, which shows someone dropping a microphone intentionally out of impression.

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