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Cooperative breeding is breeding your dragons with your friends' dragons. A player selects his/her dragon and then the friend they would like to breed the dragon with. The friend does likewise and you both get results.

In order to breed dragons, players must have the Cooperative Breeding Cave that is given to all players. There are some factors that will possibly affect the results:

Update Note: The order of the dragons being bred does NOT impact upon the result.

How to Breed

To breed, tap on the Cooperative Breeding Cave, which will glow. Then, tap on the "Breed" button, and a menu with two sides, "Dragon one", and "Dragon two", will open. Dragons will be available for breeding once they are at level four or higher, and incompatible or unbreedable dragons will be "greyed out". Players must select one dragon on either side. Once the dragons are selected, press the "Breed" button at the lower center of the menu. To use the same pair of dragons used in the most recent breeding attempt, press the "Retry" button and confirm the re-use of the dragons.

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Breeding Hints

Breeding Hints

Breeding hints are available in the breeding toolbar to be viewed after tapping on the Breeding Cave/Enchanted Breeding Cave, and the Epic Breeding Island/Epic Breeding Sanctuary.


  • Tutorial Introduction
  • Tutorial Part One
  • Tutorial Part Two
  • Tutorial Part Three
  • Tutorial Part Four
  • Tutorial Part Five
  • Tutorial Part Six
  • Tutorial Part Seven
  • Tutorial Part Eight
  • Tutorial Part Nine
  • Tutorial Part Ten
  • Tutorial Part Eleven
  • Tutorial Part Twelve
  • Tutorial Part Thirteen
  • Tutorial Part Fourteen
  • Tutorial Completion

When cooperative breeding was introduced to the game, a tutorial explaining how cooperative breeding worked, was started.

The process of this tutorial can be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial took a few minutes to complete from beginning to end, but players received Treat template 1,500 at the start of the tutorial.

Opposite Dragons

Main Article: Breeding

Dragons with opposite elements cannot be directly bred with each other.

Twin Dragons

Main Article: Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons can be bred with the Cooperative Breeding Cave and both friends receive the dragon egg.

Breeding Results

Main Article: Breeding

This is a brief overview of the possible outcomes from breeding.



  • Some players have observed that after breeding with The Great Nogard the first time and getting a galaxy dragon, he will not switch out to a Fire Dragon for cooperative breeding.
  • The dragon your friends are able to breed with in the Cooperative Breeding Cave is automatically set to the last dragon you used for cooperative breeding. You are able to change it to a different dragon without having to wait for your current breeding to finish. View the dragon's info box of the one you'd like to change to, and click the empty heart on the top left corner. The heart will turn blue when this dragon is selected for cooperative breeding. Note, you will not be able to re-select the dragon busy in your cooperative breeding cave, nor will you be able to select any other dragon busy breeding. It is also not possible to select a dragon while it is participating in the Colosseum, busy in the Fountain of Youth or out on one of the Quests.

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