Color Cubes are colored cube shaped decorations which take up a space of 1 x 1.

Color Cubes are decorative and most are unlocked by spending gems.

Color Cubes cost Coin template 1 to place additional cubes of the unlocked color.

Color Cubes can be selected to be purchased via a menu after one is unlocked and purchased.

  • Tapping on one already placed will give the option to "Edit Cubes" which will open the menu listing all the cubes, or "Remove Cubes" which will all allow the player to remove cubes previously placed.

Release History

Color Cube Release Date
Jelly Magenta December 14, 2016
Kabbage Purple December 14, 2016
Blushroom Blue December 14, 2016
Beanstalk Green December 14, 2016
Zazzberry Red December 14, 2016
Pumpermelon Orange December 14, 2016
Dragon Snap Yellow December 14, 2016
Talon Black December 14, 2016
Berrywhite December 14, 2016
Marbleheart January 26, 2017
Monolith Blue March 22, 2017
Monolith Pink March 22, 2017
Monolith Green March 22, 2017
Monolith Purple March 22, 2017
Monolith Yellow March 22, 2017



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