"The Chronolith is the base of power for the Legendary Dragon Kairos. When all three stages have been reconstructed, Kairos can skip your park ahead in time, incubating eggs, growing crops, breeding new dragons, and collecting gold much faster! Our wizards have translated the runes carved into this ancient stone monument, which read "All your base are belong to us." Something may have been lost in translation."
  — Game Description 


The Chronolith is the first stage that must be completed before being able to summon Kairos. To complete this stage, you have to collect seven different time fragments. The only ways to collect these fragments are to win them in the Dragon Track, have your dragon collect them from quests, or to buy each fragment with gems.

The Fragments

Image Position Price Quest Time
TimeFragment BottomRight 75 Bottom Right Gem template 75 3 hours
TimeFragment BottomCenter 75 Bottom Center Gem template 75 4 hours
TimeFragment BottomLeft 75 Bottom Left Gem template 75 6 hours
TimeFragment Center 75 Center Gem template 75 9 hours
TimeFragment TopRight 150 Top Right Gem template 150 13 hours
TimeFragment TopLeft 150 Top Left Gem template 150 18 hours
TimeFragment TopCenter 300 Top Center Gem template 300 24 hours


  • Stage One (Chronolith)
  • Stage One Incomplete (Chronolith)
  • Example: Message Card upon clicking Top Center fragment


  • If one were to purchase every piece (as opposed to racing in the Dragon Track or completing quests), the Chronolith would cost Gem template 900.

Possible References

  • The infamous phrase "All your base are belong to us," mentioned in the Chronolith's description may be a reference to the text in the opening of the 1991 version of the video game Zero Wing. Furthermore, the description states that "something may have been lost in translation," possibly referring to how the phrase was a translation error from Japanese to English.

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