Buildings are non-habitat structures in the park that have a specific function.

The specific functions of each is explained on the building's individual page.

Plant Dragon Boost Earth Dragon Boost Fire Dragon Boost Cold Dragon Boost
Lightning Dragon Boost Water Dragon Boost Air Dragon Boost Metal Dragon Boost
Light Dragon Boost Dark Dragon Boost Monolith Dragon Boost
Plant Shrine Earth Shrine Fire Shrine Cold Shrine
Lightning Shrine Water Shrine Air Shrine Metal Shrine
Light Shrine Dark Shrine
Treat Farms
Treat Farm Large Treat Farm Huge Treat Farm Grand Treat Farm
Towering Treat Garden
Breeding Cave Enchanted Breeding Cave Colosseum Dragonsai Gifting Tree
Fountain of Youth Hibernation Cave Nursery Dragon Track
Storage Tower
Event Rewards
The Vernal Glass Twilight Tower Goody's Treatery Dragonsai Bush
Relic of the Epics Weather Station Wishing Well Magical Greenhouse
Rift Buildings
Rift Breeding Cave Airship Dock Rift Hibernation Cave Transfiguration Tower


Event Buildings

Event buildings are buildings which serve a purpose in the events as a central location to turn in event currency and display event progress, but disappear once the event is over.

Event Buildings
Tines of the Scar The Vernal Glass Gloaming Gate Whitbee's Castle
Crystal Castle The Rosefall Tree Berrywhite Breeding Cave The Burcadian Monolith
The Astral Spire Prize Tent Games Tent Challenge Tent
Wishing Well Prize Pumpkin Competition Ring Tree of Trials
Snowfall Spire Arctic Arena Winter Vault of Whimsy Mystery Giftery
Ma Goody's Magical Greenhouse Rose Depot Vale-N-Tine Victorium Gardenia's Gallery of Games
Eggschange Center Burcadian Stadium Burcadian Arcadium Rotunda of Rewards
Giveaway Gallery Prize Pavilion Arcane Arcade Arcane Arena
Parade Gardens Bizarre Bazaar Mausoleum Colosseum Ghoulish Game Gallery
Hall of Hallows Arctic Market Snowy Stadium Arctic Arcade
Chilly Chronograph Bouquet Boutique Rose Ring Gardenia's Gamery
Presentium Compendium Burcadian Bazaar Chalet of Challenges Eggsceptional Arcade
Sundial of Surprises Prize Pavilion The Rift Hall of Hoopla
Pentournal Presentium


  • On February 19, 2013, the "Buildings" icon in the market received its own unique sound.
  • On August 22, 2013, the "Buildings" section in the market changed appearance if the player has obtained the maximum available number of the item.
    • The purchase card is still darkened, but there is now a glow around the building.
  • On March 27, 2014, a new two-step filter system for sorting buildings by elements were added.
    • Not all buildings were assigned to have a specific element.

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