The Breeding Hints Menu is a part of DragonVale where players are able to look at helpful hints to find out which dragons or elements are needed to breed a certain dragon.

Breeding Hints are available in the breeding toolbar to be viewed after tapping on the Breeding Cave/Enchanted Breeding Cave and the Epic Breeding Island/Epic Breeding Sanctuary.

  • A list of dragons and information about which dragons and/or elements are needed to breed appears, when this section is selected.
    • Unlocked breeding hints will appear in the form of an equation.
    • Some of the breeding hints can be unlocked by using gems.
    • "The breeding hint for a dragon is automatically unlocked when you have at least 2 of them in your park." -- In-Game News Alert from Backflip Studios

BlankUnlockedBreedingHints LockedBreedingHints UnlockedBreedingHints
Blank Equation Example Locked Menu Example Unlocked Menu Example

Images In the Menu

Different images appear in the menu depending on whether a dragon hint is locked or if it has specific time, element or dragon requirements.

  • When a dragon is locked, a picture of a lock with three question marks will show instead of the hint. To remove this image, gems can be used to reveal the hint under it.
Locked MoonClock SunClock
Locked Moon Clock Sun Clock

  • If a specific dragon is needed to breed a dragon, then an image with that dragon's head will appear in the equation of the breeding hint.
  • If a specific element is needed to breed a dragon, then an image with that element's flag will appear in the equation of the breeding hint.

PlantBannerButton FireBannerButton EarthBannerButton ColdBannerButton LightningBannerButton WaterBannerButton AirBannerButton MetalBannerButton LightBannerButton DarkBannerButton
Plant Element Fire Element Earth Element Cold Element Lightning Element Water Element Air
Metal Element Light Element Dark Element

Breeding Hints Tables

Important  The tables below include all of the dragons ever released in DragonVale.
  • Exact availability information can be seen on the individual dragon pages.
  • Information not currently available in the game is derived from the patterns of similar dragons.

Breeding Hints Tables

All of the Breeding Hints in DragonVale can be found to the right.
The Plant, Earth, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Water, Air, Metal, Light, and Dark hybrid dragons are sorted by element.
All the sections, including Epics and Gemstones, are sorted in alphabetical order.
Click on an element button to sort by element or section.
Click on the last button to view a list of All the dragons.