Important Effective August 7, 2014
Negative Boost Effects On The Opposite Element Were Removed

Element boosts increase the amount of dragoncash per minute to a particular element on the same island as the boost. The increased rate is 30% to the respective element. Boosts can stack on hybrid dragons if they reside on an island with multiple element boosts beneficial to their elements.

Players are allowed one boost per element.

Other than the primary element boosts, there is also the Monolith Boost, which was first made available during the Mythic Egg Hunt.

Note: The calculation for multiple boosts is additive. For example, two boosts will yield a 60% bonus. The Boost Calculation Guide and Dragon Earning Rates are available to help with calculations.

Element Boost Boost Type Cost Level Unlocked Build Time +30%
PlantDragonBoost Plant Coin template 250,000 12 6 H Plant
FireDragonBoost Fire Coin template 250,000 13 6 H Fire
EarthDragonBoost Earth Coin template 250,000 12 6 H Earth
ColdDragonBoost Cold Coin template 250,000 13 6 H Cold
LightningDragonBoost Lightning Coin template 250,000 15 6 H Lightning
WaterDragonBoost Water Coin template 250,000 15 6 H Water
AirDragonBoost Air Coin template 250,000 17 6 H Air
MetalDragonBoost Metal Coin template 250,000 19 6 H Metal
LightDragonBoost Light Coin template 250,000 22 6 H Light
DarkDragonBoost Dark Coin template 250,000 26 6 H Dark
MonolithBoost Monolith Gem template 25 11 Instant Monolith


  • Negative Boost Effects Removed Facebook Message


  • All regular boosts have a size of 2×2, have a cost of 250,000 dragoncash, have a selling price of 125,000 dragoncash, have a build time of six hours, and yield an experience of 250,000 experience.
  • Prior to August 7, 2014, boosts had a negative effect on dragons of the opposite element.
  • Prior to August 7, 2014, opposite dragons didn't have any positive boosts. If both dragon boosts of opposite element were on the same island, it would make the earning rates of the opposite dragon be lower.
    • If both boosts are on the same island it would be less of a negative effect on the opposite dragon than only having one of them on the island.
  • In January 2018, the boost multiplier was changed from 20% to 30%.
  • From March 14, 2018 to March 21, 2018, boosts multiplied at 50% instead of 30%.

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